Bamboo 4.0 Git Issues ? Having trouble with git fetches stalling build process !

Are there any known issues with Bamboo 4.0 and git ??

We have several repos out on github and we are doing shallow fetches in bamboo against those repositories. We have one particular build step that check's out the repo on windows VM and it seems to stall well over 45 minutes or more. Trying to do a "Stop" on the build does nothing and Bamboo just keeps spinning it's wheels on the action.

Can anyone provide any assistance to this issue ? Or direction to previous posts that relate ?

My next step is to fix the configuration in Bamboo to step over the build stage where it fetches on the windows VM. We have another stage that fetches on a linux machine. Maybe it is an ssh issue...

Best Regards,

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Could it be that you're affected with this bug: ? Or Upgrade from 4.0 to the latest and greatest ! :)

Thank you Piotr Stefan Stefaniak [Atlassian]


Yeah, we have a VMWare ( Windows ) compiling some source code for us, which grabs the latest code it needs from github. Everything is configured in Bamboo for each project to use "git," repos with ssh url from github. Setup to use shallow clones.

So, the two tasks in this particular stage are; check-out latest from repo, and run a .bat file . The batch file does nothing more than manage the compilation commands for our source code on the Windows VM.

Not sure if that clarifies :)

I should note: that I can remote into the Windows VM in question and using Tortoisen Git, I can do a fetch or pull against the .git directory in question. So, it seems it is tied back to Bamboo and it initiating the fetch.

I am having to stop the VM, so that Bamboo will finally stop the process running. The stop funcitionality in Bamboo does nothing anymore. This has been an issue in the past, but normally I would have been able to stop it after several 'Stop' stage clicks.

Hi JoeciH,

You say something about particular build step that check's out the repo on windows VM - can you elaborate a bit more what is that step? Is it some Bamboo built-in Source Checkout Task, or some home-made script thing, or what? Can you shed some light on that?


Hm... Are you using any submodules in your git repository?

No, no submodules.

And you say you use Bamboo 4.0 version, not the most recent one (like 4.3.3) ?

Could it be that you're affected with this bug: ?

Yeah, using 4.0

Well, seems like that bug is a close match to this issue. I will go through and re-read, seems like there was a workaround at the bottom of the issue. Unfortunately, we are unable to upgrade to a newer version at this time, so.. :-/

Appreciate the help Piotr, If I get all working, I'll post my findings as well..


I see...

If this is this issue, then you "just" need to setup passphraseless ssh keys on your Windows VM instance and accept the fingerprint of github - so whenever Bamboo executes some git command while doing checkout it won't hang up on things like passphrase prompt, or asking for accepting RSA fingerprints...

On a side note: why can't you upgrade to a newer version? Reason I ask is that I'd like to hear with what kind of problems do people struggle when they consider Bamboo upgrades - those informations might help us improving Bamboo upgrade mechanisms to make them work more smoothly for a casual customer. Care to share your opinion?


Thanks for the feedback, hopefully I will be able to look at this issue further at the end of today. Ultimately, the reason , in this case, for not upgrading is cost and customer requirements. A lot of our customer build needs are being pushed to a pulse server on-site. My employer, is looking at the needs vs. cost to upgrade at this point.

I haven't had time to really look at the cost, so if you have a link or even a contact, he may be willing to change his mind. Given the time it will take to rectify the issue with a workaround. I am in agreement that an upgrade would be the better route. ;)



No, not dumb at all. We have a license and may be eligible for an upgrade without cost. Something I will mention to my boss. If that is the case, that would be our next course of action.

I am just a developer too ;) ... and if the boss says no upgrade. Don't shoot the messenger .. :)

Seriously, probably not an issue at all to upgrade.


Update: Actually, contacted Atlassian sales. So we will see if we can do the upgrade under our current license.

Wait, I don't understand (but I'm a developer here, who has never bought Bamboo license, so I might be dumb in this area) - isn't it that if you have license for the Bamboo you're entitled to upgrade it *freely* to the newest version (as long as your license didn't expire) ? -> "All non-free licenses come with 12 months of software maintenance (support and product updates)"

What cost are we talking about?

Don't shoot the messenger .. :)

"You see, in this world there's two kinds of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns and those who upgrade. You upgrade."

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