Where may I begin

We are really at a loss,  Have had a website on for a few years and finally found that C-Panel is very complicated for the novice.  We are looking for any advice to make things better or easier.  If you are out there and willing to assist, please jump in.


Monique vdB Community Manager Jun 26, 2018

@John P. Wilson what product is C-Panel related to? I can help you direct a question to our product experts who may be able to help!

Good Question.  I continue to learn every day and still get lost.  I have a website that is not good.  I have had problems with changing the look without causing problems elsewhere in the site.  From my understanding, C-Panel is where all the data is stored.  I would like to redesign the site without having to work through making it right as each sitting to not mess up or change the appearance.  You may not desire to work at this basic level.  Thank you for responding.

C-Panel is a web hosting and business development service. He has his own website and he's soliciting technical assistance in modifying his website. I'm afraid it has nothing to do with Atlassian products >.<

Monique vdB Community Manager Jun 27, 2018

Ah! Well in that case, I unfortunately have no advice.

@John P. Wilson,

  1. What are you trying to do for your website in cPanel? It's the most popular open-source web server UI out there, so nearly everything should be a quick Google search away.

  2. What kind of website is it?

  3. Is cPanel running on your own server, or do you pay another company to host the site (who is that company, if so)?


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