Let's get to know each other!

Daniel Judd Community Leader Jun 21, 2018

Let's use this thread to introduce ourselves.

If you can highlight where you work, your role and what Atlassian tools you use, this will be a good way for folks to get to know one another.

It's always interesting to know when people got started with Atlassian products. When did you get started? 


Daniel Judd Community Leader Jun 21, 2018

Hey All... I'm Daniel Judd and I'm an Atlassian User Group leader here in ATX. Welcome to our online community! 

I work as a Product Manager here in town at a company called Valassis Digital. When I'm not leading two teams through the agile process, I serve as our administrator for Jira, Jira Service Desk and Confluence. I'm an Atlassian Certified Professional (ACP-600) and love the freedom that the tools provide our company. 

We use Jira for traditional software management, tracking advertising campaigns from inception to reporting, HR hiring and on-boarding and even as our meal ordering solution! 

I started using Jira as a software management tool back in 2009 and haven't looked back.  

Jack Community Leader Jun 21, 2018

Great idea @Daniel Judd!

I work at a company based out of Plano called Fortress Solutions and Fortress UAV. I am the VP of Engineering but oversee a number of areas including IT, NPI and internal business SW development. You can learn more about me on my LI page. My current company uses Cloud instances including Jira SW, Service Desk, Confluence, Stride and a few addons. Cloud works quite well for the number of users (100+) and how we use the tools.

I began using Atlassian products about six years ago I think. I have introduced them into 3 different companies and helped administer them. Over those years I have received a great deal of assistance from the Atlassian Community and as a result I became quite active and contributed back, resulting in my community champion badge. I am also a member of the Austin AUG and try to attend when I can but travel seems to interfere quite a bit unfortunately. 

I attended my first Summit last year and will be attending this year as well.

Question for the group - do we have a Stride channel set up? Is there a need/desire?

Celina Zamora Community Manager Jul 03, 2018

Hey Jack! We don't have a Stride channel for this group, but this will be a solid place for everyone to connect in the meantime :) 

I'm a mobile games producer at Zynga's Austin studio. I practically live in Jira, which we use to manage all tasks relating to development and ongoing support of multiple games. Looking forward to hearing about how others use Jira and other Atlassian products!

Celina Zamora Community Manager Jun 21, 2018

Hey Carson, welcome to the group and Atlassian Community! 

Hello, I'm a Technical Support Engineer for Tricentis. We have been using JIRA for DevOps but what I'm most interested in is Confluence for all departments. I have novice experience in both products and eager to learn more. I've co-designed the structure our Support space.

Celina Zamora Community Manager Jun 21, 2018

Welcome Jay! 

Greetings !

I'm Jeff Skipper, a software engineer, process quality engineer, Scrum Master, and agile enthusiast.  I'm a big fan of Atlassian products.  I have been a member of the Austin AUG group for a while... I love the meetings, they are always well done and informative!  Big shout out to all the AUG leaders who make this happen!

looking forward to continued learning and collaboration!


Celina Zamora Community Manager Jun 21, 2018

Welcome Jeff!!! 

Hi everyone.  I'm Patrick Wilson, admin/manager of the Confluence-based technical docs platform docs.bmc.com at BMC Software.  I've also been a member of the Austin AUG for some time and find the meetings very instructive.  Great to have our own page here in the Atlassian Community.

Celina Zamora Community Manager Jul 03, 2018

Welcome @Patrick Wilson

Good day all, Philip Cushing here. JIRA Software (cloud) is the tool that I have been learning to admin since February. Probably the newest on the block when it comes to experience with the suite of tools from Atlassian. 

We have been an Agile shop here for the last 6 years and for the first 5 of that were narrowly focused with the SAFe methodology using another tool for tracking our teams work. I even became an RTE under that umbrella. 

I am really here to learn from those who use the tool(s). Another software that I administer has a phenomenal user group and for the last 4 years, I learned a tremendous amount from that group regarding that platform. 


Ashley Elder Atlassian Team Jun 21, 2018

Welcome @Philip Cushing. We'd love to hear what makes the other user groups you attend so valuable and make sure we've incorporated that into Atlassian User Groups!

Howdy, y'all!

I'm Amanda Babb and I'm a Principal Consultant at Praecipio Consulting. I am so excited to be part of the community! 

I've been working in the tools for 5+ years now and I cannot tell y'all how much I have learned and continue to learn from the community. Aside from helping folks implement the Atlassian stack, I have a Cloud instance of Jira and Confluence that I use to manage my household: everything from home renovations to grocery lists. My husband drew the line at Team Calendars though. Apparently that was too much information about my travel schedule. :/ 

Looking forward to our shared learning experience! Thanks! -a 

Celina Zamora Community Manager Jul 03, 2018

Hey @Amanda {Praecipio}, we are always happy to have Praecipio onboard and supporting our ATX AUG. 

Hey all - longtime lurker here. I'm Jen DeAngelo and I'm a remote IT project manager specializing in enterprise content management software implementations. I jump companies every couple of years, but currently am with Tahzoo out of DC area. This is my... third?... company for which I'm an Atlassian champion, politely forcing everyone to embrace Confluence, JIRA, and (slowly, but surely, and don't call me Shirley) Stride. I love documentation because I can't remember much of anything, but can always find what I need quickly in Atlassian tools. 

Glad to be allowed to lurk in the background - I learn lots from the group!

Erica Moss Community Manager Jun 25, 2018

@Jen DeAngelo Glad to see you diving in here, Jen! Welcome. 😄

Ashley Elder Atlassian Team Jun 25, 2018

Hi @Jen DeAngelo,

Welcome and thanks for sharing! It is awesome to hear that you are such a champion of Atlassian. I love the concept of "politely forcing" your teams to embrace Confluence & Jira, and I know many others here try to do the same. Do you have any best practices or go-to's to get buy in from your teams?

Also, A++ on the Airplane quote :)

Nothing specific, Ashley. It's really just trying to determine who decision-makers are in each company, and then proving the worth of Atlassian tools in their language - such as ROI for someone who's budget-conscious, or evening up workloads for developers to appeal to a manager - just finding proof that speaks to the person, 

Hey all,

I manage the Technical Support team for Evernote here in Austin. I've been using Jira and Confluence lightly for years. Our devs use Jira to track development and our technical support team is in Jira submitting bugs and feature requests for triage. We also use Confluence to track trending issues for the larger customer support team.

I'm working now on mastering dashboard creation and JQL to create better reporting on customer reported issues and feature requests. 

Do any of you recommend a Jira certification for my use case? They seem more admin driven. I'd love to get any tips you experts have to offer. Looking forward to learning more!

I'm a web developer at Mighty Citizen, where the dev team mostly builds and maintains PHP-based CMS-driven websites. Right now, we're only using HipChat. But in my previous role at UT Austin, I managed the campus-wide instance of Confluence (w/a few thousand users) and was a daily JIRA user. I'm a big fan of Atlassian products and enjoy keeping an eye out for new product releases and updates...just in case we may be able to integrate something new into my current endeavors.

Hello, I'm a Program Manager working for a Financial Services Startup here in Austin and focused on Agile way of running projects/programs. I'm a big fan of Atlassian Suite and use them for my day to day activities. We use Atlassian Integrations into Aha (Product Management tool), TestRails(Testing tool where all the test cases reside), looking into Salesforce Integration as well. 

Hello everyone! I'm a Senior Analyst at Lenovo. My role is Atlassian Expert and Java developer. I have been playing around with Atlassian tools like JIRA, Bitbucket and Confluence for the past four years. Well, that's my short description. 

Welcome @Renee McKechnie@Philip Heijkoop -ALM Works-, and @Jennifer Kinard! Please introduce yourself below if you'd like!

Hello all,

I'm a solutions engineer at ALM Works, we make the Structure for Jira app. I love the sense of community in the Jira ecosystem and am always on the look out for new use-cases and challenges people face with it. Obviously, I'm open to any questions people have (related to Structure or otherwise).


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