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Need help with Business pitch and model

Catherine Pratt June 21, 2023

Hello Trendsetters,

Thank you for reading this, it is my first time and I have no idea what I am doing. So thank you in advance.

I have a business called Dr Pratt's Cosmetic Formulations and I have run it for 14 years. I have a doctorate in chemistry and I formulate all types of personal care and cosmetics from scratch and I have been focusing on natural and organic for about 10 years since Parabens became problematic.

Being a scientist, we were never given business lessons at uni so I still feel like I am stumbling around,but I just don't have the money or time to do an MBA. I have trouble in the following areas which if anyone would like to say anything I would be truely grateful.

1. I dont know how many clients I can handle at one time and

2. I dont have a business model that will stop me from having a stoke as I find it hard to say no, I was told to always accept work. I need to work out a plan because working, cleaning the house, looking after 4 teenagers and a needy husband I ended up in hospital with exhaustion. But I really love my job and love helping start ups become successful.

3. How to pitch my work and where are the best places. Maybe getting a head hunter could find the right type of clients. Meaning, I get clients that completely use me, dont have the money, hassle me for years for more Intellectual Property even though I have helped them soooo much. Then, after they have sucked the life out of me, say that they didnt like something and say if I dont have it done by the next day they will take legal action????

Thank you in advance

cheers Cath




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