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Alessandro Filisetti January 3, 2022

Hi, in my company we are planning a migration from the three cloud organizations to one. I have read tons of material on that, but it seems I am not able to figure out the overall picture.

The problem is the following: we would need to migrate and consolidate three Atlassian sites in three organizations into one, to be more specific:

  • Organization 1: site, products: JIRA, Confluences, Trello, Bitbucket, users <= 10
  • Organization 2: site, products: JIRA, Confluence, users <= 10
  • Organization 3: site, products: JIRA, confluence users <= 10

We need to migrate, merge and consolidate everything under org3.
Users are partially overlapping with distinct emails (e.g., and should be merged into
What is the right strategy for the overall migrations? I assume two steps: a product transfer first and then a site-to-site migration once every product (site) is in the same organization. Is that right? And what about the users?


thanks in advance, 


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Abraham Durrant January 4, 2022

@Alessandro Filisetti 

This is not an "simple" migration.

I would recommend reaching out to an Atlassian Partner for assistance to do this merge.

I know that isn't the solution you were asking for - but these type of migrations/merges are complicated and are not easily explained in a simple post.

I hope that helps!


Alessandro Filisetti October 28, 2022

@Abraham Durrant , 


First of all, thanks for having replied to me. We successfully migrated everything with a dedicated project and different steps.

- Company-managed projects have been successfully migrated.  

- Team-managerd projects have been re-created and issue exported/reimported

- Duplicated users consolidated under a single user and issues reassigned (as reporter, assignee and reviewer)

- Unique users have changed their mail with the official one. 

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