Feature Request: Weekly updates of Goals?

Paul Mazzuca December 21, 2023

While I can appreciate the rigidity of locking down the cadence of status updates for goals (4 weeks)  and projects (1 week), it would be nice to make that configurable for the workspace. We are moving to OKRs on Atlas and given the both Objectives and Key Results are Goals (as they should be), some folks would like to hear about the progress more than 2-3 times per quarter.  

The current guidance that I have given is to push that down to the Project level - but in some cases the KRs might not necessitate a project.  In this case, I recommend that people just use a 1-to-1 KR to Project relationship, which seems like unnecessary extra overhead. 

Any guidance would be appreciated? Looking forward to any recommendations from the community.

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Sarah Green February 13, 2024

For Atlas team -- on the flip side, we would like the ability to get LESS frequent updates. Basically, we'd like to choose the cadence instead of being forced into a predetermined cadence.

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