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#doITSMart at Atlassian Day 2023 | 📊 This is what you missed! 🎉


For the second time, we were sponsors of the META-INF Atlassian Day in Budapest. Three days full of networking, presentations, workshops, fun and good food flew by. Thank you very much for the wonderful time!

The focus of the 2023 event was on ITSM and the motto #doITSMart. In line with smart solutions, we presented our Jira reporting app Report Builder. To find out how this tool helps you solve all ITSM mysteries and what else you missed at the event, read on!


META-INF Atlassian Day 2023

This year, we traveled to Budapest with a very special mission: to solve your ITSM mysteries. In doing so, we take the data at hand, look for clues, rule out the impossible, and ultimately arrive at the solution to all mysteries. A bit of detective work, like Sherlock Holmes. But even the very best master detective isn’t nearly as successful without assistance. Everyone needs a sidekick.

For Holmes, that was Watson.

For your ITSM puzzles, it’s Report Builder.




Report Builder is an innovative Jira reporting app, ready to use with numerous report templates to analyze the performance of your ITSM team. During the show, we talked to many visitors at our booth to make detective work easier. There was a chance to show off your skills at our booth game and win some free licenses for ITSM Watson, Report Builder.

Congratulations to all winners!


How to uncover the truth of your ITSM data

Like last year, Andreas Springer gave a presentation. This year, the topic was “Uncover The Truth About Your ITSM Data – Performance Reporting Pitfalls Explained.” Andreas introduced four new ITSM report types from Report Builder and went over how to ask the right questions and choose metrics to ensure your customers are satisfied.

Here are the key takeaways from the presentation:

  • ITSM mystery: Is it enough to just look at the number of Jira tickets closed?

    • Watson’s advice: The amount of new Jira tasks is also essential to track team efficiency. The Created vs. Resolved report can be used to perform trend analysis of processing and thus avoid backlogs.

  • ITSM mystery: Is it enough to ensure a short response time?
    • Watson’s advice: Response does not mean solution. An automated bot response to a customer question may be a quick return, but is it the solution to the problem? To determine customer satisfaction, you should distinguish between the First Reply and First Response metrics. Our First Reply and First Response report will help you do this.
  • ITSM mystery: The main goal is to close tickets quickly, right?
    • Watson’s advice: Jira tickets should be kept in mind even after they have been closed, as it is not uncommon for customers to reopen them if the initial solution was not satisfactory. The balance between Closed vs. Reopened cases shows which solutions are really profitable and where issue management can be optimized.
  • ITSM mystery: What if all the metrics are right, but customers are still not satisfied?
    • Watson’s advice: Studies show that 2 hours of valuable time are lost every time a Jira issue is reassigned within a support team. Accordingly, time to resolution also increases and contact with multiple staff members can also reduce customer satisfaction. Our unique Ticket Bouncing Report analyzes how often cases are passed on to other team members. Use this to identify where training, restructuring, or process optimization is needed.

During his presentation, Andreas also explained how to quickly and easily add ITSM reports from Report Builder to your own Jira dashboard:

In addition to numerous export functions (PDF, PNG, CSV, JSON), Report Builder offers the possibility to customize created reports in code, or create your own report from scratch, in addition to its no-coding approach.

And for those who have many ideas but few resources, our Report Building Service is the answer. On request, we will create an individual report type especially for you.



In other words, regardless of what detective tool you want to use, Report Builder is your Watson for all cases. Do you have questions and special mysteries to solve? Then feel free to submit your request to our ITSM mystery form. This will help us gather more clues and make Report Builder even more efficient.



See you soon, Atlassian Day!

The Atlassian Day 2023 was once again a great success for our team, which also had a lot of fun. We were especially happy about the lucky winners of our game. But not only they have the chance to have a strong helper at their side. You, too, can test Report Builder for 30 days or arrange a free demo!





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