X-Ray for Atlassian Admins 07.03.24

Daria Kulikova_GitProtect_io_ March 7, 2024

Hello Atlassian Community! πŸ‘‹

We have so much to tell you that it feels like it's been ages since our last GitProtect DevSecOps X-Ray for Atlassian Amins. Ready for another solid portion of knowledge and insights? Then, let’s go… 


πŸ“š News & Resources


Blog Post πŸ“| DevOps Data Protection Best Practices
Explore the crucial role of DevOps in industries and the essential security practices to protect your software development process. This article goes into integrating security, addressing DevOps challenges, and implementing best practices for data protection, backup, and disaster recovery. Learn how to meet compliance requirements, shared responsibility model, and make sure your critical source code is protected against security risks.

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Blog post πŸ“| Farewell Server, Hello Cloud
As Server product support ended on Feb 15, 2024, Atlassian users were forced to migrate to the Cloud or upgrade to the Data Center. Emphasizing the benefits of the Cloud, including enhanced collaboration and productivity, Atlassian highlights its successful customer migrations and tools like the Atlassian Migration Program. For those remaining on the Server, extended support options are available, while upgrading to the Data Center offers additional enterprise-grade features. 

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Blog Post πŸ“| Atlassian Cloud vs Data Center – Extensive Comparison Guide
Dive into this guide comparing Atlassian Cloud and Data Center, where performance, security, customization, and pricing are covered. Whether you're transitioning from server products or deciding which Atlassian solution fits best, this article provides the insights needed to make an informed choice, whilst highlighting key differences in deployment, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. 

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Use Case πŸ“| Data Migration and Mobility
Is migration ongoing? Remember to protect your data during or after this process. You see, one of the unspoken benefits of backup software is... data migration and mobility. Learn more about how to seamlessly migrate data between projects and different Jira accounts with no worry about data loss or disruption. Using Bitbucket? Easily migrate data between deployments, accounts, or even vendors.

πŸ‘‰ Jira data migration use case | Bitbucket data migration use case


Blog Post πŸ“| AI Productivity boosts to improve your developer experience
This article introduces two categories of AI tools: AI coding tools and Atlassian Intelligence. The former streamlines tasks such as working in unfamiliar languages, code explanation, refactoring, and generating test code. The latter boosts Atlassian products with features like natural language search in Jira, term definitions in Confluence, page summarization, and AI-assisted PR descriptions in Bitbucket. These tools collectively boost developer productivity and streamline workflows. 

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Blog post πŸ“| Why developer experience is more important than productivity
Developer productivity is incredibly difficult to measure, resulting in organizations allocating disproportionate effort and resources while trying to find the magic measure. Sounds familiar? Imagine the possibilities if the same amount of time and energy was invested in improving developer productivity rather than trying to measure it. In short - discover why DX is more important than productivity. 

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Case Study πŸ’‘| Ammagamma adopts GitProtect.io backups for Bitbucket to meet ISO 27001 Compliance

Ammagamma, an Italian AI leader, used GitProtect.io for Bitbucket to ensure ISO 27001 compliance. The case study details their need for a reliable backup solution as their repository grew, focusing on GitProtect.io's user-friendly interface, AES 256 encryption, and extensive security features - all crucial for securing DevOps pipelines and complying with international standards.

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πŸ“… Upcoming Events


Online Event πŸͺ | Harnessing AI and Jira Service Management for Advanced ITSM | March 8 | 02:00-03:00 pm, NZT| Online
Join the Wellington Atlassian Community for an online event exploring AI applications in IT Service Management. This webinar, led by Atlassian's ITSM Architect and industry experts, will cover AI's impact on ITSM, best practices for Jira Service Management, and more. It's designed for IT professionals at all levels, offering insights into enhancing ITSM processes with AI. 

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Event πŸͺ | Atlassian Team Tour: High Velocity 2024 | March 19, 21  
Atlassian's Team Tour: High Velocity is hitting Munich and London. This event focuses on innovations in Jira Service Management, offering insights on agile service experiences, leveraging AI for ITSM, and achieving significant ROI. It's a unique opportunity for development, IT, and business professionals to learn, network, and expand their knowledge of Atlassian's solutions.

πŸ‘‰ Munich | London


Event πŸͺ | Atlassian Team Tour Government 2024 | March 18, On Demand
Join the Atlassian Team Tour in Washington for a day dedicated to modernizing workflows and improving agility within government agencies. The event offers 4.8 CPE credits and features insights on Atlassian product advancements and the public sector roadmaps. Attendees can expect actionable insights for delivering critical services more efficiently through seamless integrations and customizable workflows.

πŸ‘‰ On Demand


Event πŸͺ | Team Tour: Enterprise Agility 2024 | March 19, 2024 | Conrad New York Downtown
This event consists of learning and networking focused on transforming organizations into agile enterprises. It also features discussions on best practices, case studies, and methodologies for advancing enterprise agility. Attendees will gain insights into overcoming common agility challenges and learn from success stories, all while connecting with leaders from top organizations. 

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LinkedIn LIVE πŸŽ₯ | Cyber Risks in DevOps: Staying Ahead of Threats | April 10, 2024 | 11 am PDT / 8 pm CET
Losing IP and configurations stored in DevOps tools such as GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket or Jira can paralyze the operation of the entire company. This session aims to cover alarming threat landscape statistics, and real-world incidents in GitHub, GitLab, and Atlassian, and shares best practices for Data Protection, Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Security. 

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