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Writing Jira expressions has never been so simple! Use Workflow Enhancer for Jira in the Cloud

We are happy to announce the release of the Cloud version of Workflow Enhancer for Jira. Using it, you can add custom conditions and validators to your transitions and tailor your Jira workflows to your business processes.

Workflow Enhancer for Jira piggybacks on Jira expressions, Atlassian’s expression framework, to evaluate custom code in the context of Jira entities.

What makes Workflow Enhancer for Jira so special?

While Workflow Enhancer for Jira is not the only app that provides Jira expressions to the administrator, we believe that there are four reasons to trust in it:

1. It focuses solely on Jira expressions

For most of the other vendors, Jira expressions are only one one portion of their app. Therefore, it doesn’t get that much attention. For us, this is our core feature, and therefore we invest everything into making this part really good.

2. User experience

Workflow Enhancer for Jira provides live in-editor syntax highlighting, validation and context-aware code completion. That means while writing your expressions, the Workflow Enhancer will give you direct feedback on whether the expression is syntactically correct and provides you with the next possible inputs to enable you to write your expressions faster.


3. Error logs

Sometimes things go wrong. Nothing is more annoying than trying to understand incomplete user reports or looking for the error. With our global administration overview, you can easily see whether your workflow rules are running smoothly or if a small, little bug crawled into them. Of course, you can jump directly into the failing workflow, fix the bug and mark all errors as resolved, so you are not bothered by them again.


4. Atlassian Forge

To the best of our knowledge, the Workflow Enhancer is the only app for workflows that is written in Atlassian Forge instead of Atlassian Connect. This means, security and privacy by design, as all data and execution is done directly in Atlassian’s systems.

Do you want to try it out?

You can find the Cloud version in the Atlassian Marketplace. Just start a free trial and let us know what you think. We are always looking forward to receiving feedback about how we can improve even further.



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