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Why Jira and SIL Listeners are the ultimate dream team for automation

Hey Jira Admin, is your Jira being a good listener? People always say that the key to a great relationship is the ability to listen, and your relationship with Jira is no different. Setting your Jira up to be a great listener is a great way to ensure it can perform tasks automatically without you having to ask it to. It just gets you, you know? 

Jira comes with standard built-in events, but a good listener will also allow you to listen to custom events and even take action against almost any event inside of Jira. Basically, it ends the “I shouldn’t have to tell you, you should just know!” argument that has plagued relationships since the beginning of time. 


3 Key Ways to Power Up Events in Jira with SIL Listeners
Thanks to the latest Power Scripts release, cloud users can automate their work in Jira enabling them to implement listeners that extend the power of Jira in 3 key ways: 

#1 – Standard Jira System Events
Using the standard Jira events, we can write scripts that relate to built-in system events such as the “issue updated” event. In this case, anytime an issue is updated, our script can fire giving us the ability to execute a scripted action based on an event happening in Jira. Think about the following possibilities: 

  • You can raise an event at a time interval
  • You could send out a system generated notification based on when some specific condition happens on an event
  • You could just call a standard event based on conditions

#2 – Listeners at the workflow level
Power Scripts and SIL, allow you to execute a script at each step in the workflow. You can also leverage listeners at the end of workflows allowing you to also trigger an event and execute a script similar to a post function. 

#3 – Creating your own custom event in Jira
Looking to create your own custom event in Jira? No problem! In Power Scripts, you can create your own custom events. For example, think about creating an email event where you add a script to a specific email template and run it. 

The Power Scripts & SIL Listener Advantages:
Think about how you could leverage event listeners in your environment to make your Jira processes run more effectively. Here are some of our top SIL Listener hacks: 

  • When a certain product is selected in the Product field, you can programatically set the priority to High
  • When a bug is reopened, you can automatically assign the ticket to a certain developer
  • When a certain user account is deleted in Jira, you can add a comment in a separate ticket. Thus your admin can monitor users weekly and track the ones that were deleted to take action

SIL Your Way to Automation & Better Jira Administration
The possibilities on how you can use SIL Listeners to automate your workflows and eradicate those mundane tasks are endless. Let Power Scripts be your Swiss army knife for recovery efforts, acknowledgement efforts, alerts, escalations, notifications and more! 




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