Top Trending FREE Atlassian Marketplace Apps - February 2024

At Contegix, we are committed to keeping you informed about the latest trends in the Atlassian Marketplace. Today we are unveiling the top trending free apps from the past month across Jira and Confluence.

To uncover what the top trending Atlassian Marketplace apps are, we have assessed which apps with over 500 installs have experienced the highest percentage growth over the previous month.

By providing this assessment we are able to shine a light on products that more and more customers are finding value in while also acknowledging the outstanding vendors fueling this vibrant marketplace.

Congratulations to all of the apps featured here and the teams behind them!

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  1. Worklogs Time Tracking & Timesheets worklogs_rvs.png
    • Vendor: RVS rvs.png
    • Monthly Percentage Growth: 17.8%
    • Installs: 562
    • Platform: Cloud
    • Product: Jira
    • Summary: Worklogs offers easy-to-use time tracking reports based on user worklogs, with flexible filtering and the ability to save reports and add time spent, allowing users to group data for meaningful reports, real time report creation by grouping and categorizing data, and various filters such as Project, Sprint, Issue Type, and Assignees
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  2. Calendar for Confluence calendar_for_conf.png
    • Vendor: Rozdoum (part of The Adaptavist Group) rozdoum.png
    • Monthly Percentage Growth: 12.4%
    • Installs: 687
    • Platform: Cloud
    • Product: Confluence
    • Summary: Calendar for Confluence offers users transparent visibility of due dates for Jira issues within a calendar embedded into Confluence pages allowing users to capture Jira task durations at a glance across the timeline with four custom calendar views (Month, Week, Day, and Agenda) for intuitive resource management.
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  3. Time in Status Report Dashboard Gadget for Jira Time in Status Report Dashboard Gadget for Jira.png
    • Vendor: Agilis LT (Simple Reports) agilis_lt.png
    • Monthly Percentage Growth: 12.1%
    • Installs: 584
    • Platform: Cloud
    • Product: Jira
    • Summary: Time in Status Report Dashboard Gadget for Jira offers an easy-to-use dashboard gadget for tracking the time spent in different statuses of Jira issues, providing a user-friendly experience for effortless tracking and analysis of issue duration across various statuses.
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  4. Team Insights for Jira Team Insights for Jira.png
    • Vendor: GitKraken gitkraken.png
    • Monthly Percentage Growth: 11.4%
    • Installs: 696
    • Platform: Cloud, DC
    • Product: Jira
    • Summary: Team Insights for Jira lets teams visualize Git and Jira activity at the project, epic, or sprint level ensuring users can filter and sort by various metrics such as users, statuses, time logged, comments, commits, pull requests, and code changes to make better decisions, identify risks, and uncover trends.
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  5. Excalidraw for Confluence: Whiteboard, Diagrams & Flowcharts Excalidraw for Confluence Whiteboard, Diagrams & Flowcharts.png
    • Vendor: Narva Software narva_software.png
    • Monthly Percentage Growth: 11.1%
    • Installs: 672
    • Platform: Cloud
    • Product: Confluence
    • Summary: Excalidraw offers native Confluence diagramming and whiteboard, letting users creatediagrams, flowcharts, Mind Maps, UML, BPMN, and more directly within Confluence. Users can save their drawings in Confluence or export them to SVG or PNG formats to share, with the exported files editable by anyone.
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  6. Agile Test & Enterprise Test Management for Jira Agile Test & Enterprise Test Management for Jira.png
    • Vendor: DevSamurai devsamurai.png
    • Monthly Percentage Growth: 9.9%
    • Installs: 689
    • Platform: Cloud
    • Product: Jira
    • Summary: AgileTest is a comprehensive test management solution designed for Jira, offering support for various testing management strategies including Scripts, Sessions, Test Case Management, and Test Automation.
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  7. Default Values for 'Create Issue' screen - Issue Templates Default Values for 'Create Issue' screen - Issue Templates.png
    • Vendor: Gebsun Software gebsun software.png
    • Monthly Percentage Growth: 9.2%
    • Installs: 1262
    • Platform: Cloud, Data Center, Server
    • Product: Jira
    • Summary: Default Values enhances issue creation efficiency and quality by inserting predefined values into fields on the "Create Issue" screen, streamlining processes and ensures that important information is captured upfront.
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  8. Reports - Charts and Graphs for Jira Dashboard Free Reports - Charts and Graphs for Jira Dashboard Free.png
    • Vendor: Bloompeak bloompeak.png
    • Monthly Percentage Growth: 9.1%
    • Installs: 4316
    • Platform: Cloud, Data Center
    • Product: Jira
    • Summary: Reports by Bloompeak enables users to simply create flexible, colorful, and custom bar charts and table views, letting Jira users gain valuable insights from across their Jira data in a user friendly way.
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  9. TeamGantt for Jira - visual planning for Jira [Beta] TeamGantt for Jira - visual planning for Jira [Beta].png
    • Vendor: TeamGantt TeamGantt for Jira - visual planning for Jira [Beta].png
    • Monthly Percentage Growth: 7.9%
    • Installs: 924
    • Platform: Cloud
    • Product: Jira
    • Summary: TeamGantt offers easy project planning and collaboration with intuitive and visually appealing Gantt chart timelines, designed to simplify and visualize complex, multi-stakeholder projects within Jira.
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  10. Checklist for Jira On-the-Fly Checklist for Jira On-the-Fly.png
    • Vendor: Alpha Serve alpha serve.png
    • Monthly Percentage Growth: 7.7%
    • Installs: 994
    • Platform: Cloud
    • Product: Jira
    • Summary: Checklist for Jira On-the-Fly app enhances issue management in Jira by enabling users to add checklists directly to their issues.
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Tam _DevSamurai_
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
February 20, 2024

Thanks a lot @Joseph Law _Contegix_  for the report. Very happy to see AgileTest in the list.

Congratulations all vendors. Keep building!

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