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Top 5 Telegram Integrations for Jira for tech team coordination

Instant messengers have changed the way we communicate, but they also redefined how we do business. Many messengers are now used as customer support channels or team coordination tools. Telegram is no exception. 

But what exactly makes Telegram a perfect candidate for integration? The reasons are manifold:


  • Large, consistently growing user base. In 2022, Telegram reached over 700 mln monthly active users, raising it to the top 5 most widely used messengers worldwide. A large user base means your teammates or customers are most likely familiar with this app and won’t need to spend much time getting started. 
  • Great user experience. Let’s be honest - Telegram is fun to use: it’s intuitive, it supports audio and video messages, different text formatting, it offers plenty of emojis, gifs,and stickers. And it just works well. 
  • Group chats. Telegram groups can host up to 200K members; you can tag specific group members to attract their attention and drive engagement; you can pin messages, copy links to individual messages, create topics within the group to discuss different subjects, and so much more.
  • File sharing. The free plan users can share files of up to 2GB, whereas Telegram Premium subscribers can share files of up to 4GB. Both user categories can download these large files and store unlimited data in Telegram Cloud.
  • Open-source. Telegram is open-source and provides enough documentation for developers to build solutions on top of it, including Telegram bots. The messenger is developing at breakneck speed, consistently releasing new features and offering more and more opportunities for developers. To get an idea of the chatbot development life cycle, please consult the official Telegram bot guide.


Telegram is also considered more secure compared to messengers like WhatsApp, Line, or Meta’s Messenger. It offers end-to-end encryption and self-destructing media for private chats (secret messages). At the same time, group chats have only server-client encryption.


Top 5 Telegram Integrations for Jira


The Telegram bots listed here are available on the Atlassian Marketplace and approved by the platform, meaning those apps are safe to download. Let’s review each of them in detail!


1. MyJiraBot


MyJiraBot is a Telegram integration for Jira built by Redwerk, a Ukrainian IT services agency developing software since 2005. It supports both Jira Cloud and Jira Server. The bot’s setup for Jira Cloud takes less than a minute and requires no intervention from admins, whereas the setup for Jira Server requires a one-time admin’s involvement to configure webhooks.

MyJiraBot allows users to stay in the know no matter where they are by subscribing to Jira notifications with the /watch command. Unlike email notifications that can come with delays, MyJiraBot alerts are instant. Users can customize their notifications to ensure they receive only relevant updates. 

For example, one can receive notifications on all or just some events in a particular issue, an entire project, or all tickets where the user is a watcher, assignee, or reporter, or has been tagged. The type of events can be customized, too: the user can subscribe to notifications only when the ticket’s status or priority has changed, a new comment appears, the description is updated, the assignee is changed, and so on. The length and the contents of the displayed notification can also be modified. 

With a simple /list command, MyJiraBot users can retrieve all of the unresolved tickets assigned to them, all tickets grouped under a specific Jira filter, all tickets assigned to a particular user, or all tickets related to the chosen project with additional filtering by ticket priority and status. 

The / schedule command allows users to automate data retrieval and create scheduled reports. Suppose you want to start every morning with unresolved or high-priority tickets, or you prefer handling all tickets with the feedback status first. You can create a respective Jira filter and automatically receive the needed list of tickets at the right time.

The scheduling feature helps detect bottlenecks early on. For instance, you can create a filter for tickets where there was no movement in 10 or more days, depending on the acceptable pace for your project. Or you could create a monthly report for tracking time spent on the project. 

MyJiraBot is already adopted by over 400 businesses and is in an active development stage, so more features are coming. Follow this guide to connect MyJiraBot to your Atlassian account, and be sure to share your feedback with the team by sending a text message to the Telegram bot. If you’re curious about how to create a Telegram bot or what technologies to use to make a chatbot in Python, learn from Redwerk’s experience here




  • Effortless setup and deactivation
  • Straightforward in use
  • Supports both Jira Cloud and Jira Server
  • No admin’s help needed for Jira Cloud users
  • Advanced notification settings
  • Event types have distinguishing icons for easy navigation 
  • Multiple chats for multiple Jira accounts of the same user
  • Steady development and support
  • Detailed documentation
  • Privacy-friendly
  • Confluence notifications are not available
  • Sprint and worklog updates are missing


Pricing: free 


2. Telegram to Jira Connector


Telegram to Jira Connector is a Telegram chatbot developed by Infosysta, a customer oriented software & enterprise services company from Dubai. This integration is meant to help businesses ensure omnichannel customer communication by catering to consumers who use Telegram. 

The add-on allows linking your Telegram support account to your Jira Service Management and creating a dedicated Telegram support bot. This way, customers can resolve their issues right from Telegram.

Telegram to Jira Connector makes it possible to automatically turn Telegram messages into Jira tickets. Customer support can respond to queries, record voice messages, and add images or files to their replies right from Jira. 

It’s worth noting that if a customer has an open issue and sends one more Telegram message, it will be added to the previously created ticket as a new comment. In case the customer’s issue has already been resolved, the message will be turned into an open ticket. 

The support bot’s name and profile picture can be easily changed to align with your branding. The bot supports rich formatting like bold, italic, monospace, underline, and hyperlinks.



  • Easy installation and deactivation
  • Straightforward in use
  • Four stars out of four-star ranking on Atlassian marketplace
  • Affordable solution to increase omnichannel customer communication
  • Detailed documentation + video tutorials
  • Telegram messages may not come through Jira if your account have been idle for over 48 hrs
  • Features limited to customer support teams
  • Supports only Jira Service Management
  • Can be installed only with the admin’s help


Pricing: free up to 10 users, then $0.6 per user monthly


3. Jira Telegram Notifications


Jira Telegram Notifications is a Telegram integration for Jira developed by an individual developer from Russia. It allows users to receive notifications on the following Jira events: issue created, issue updated, comment created, comment updated, comment deleted. 

Also, you can retrieve information on a ticket of your interest by entering the ticket’s number in upper case. This feature is available in individual and group chats.

It’s also possible to add a comment to a Jira ticket right from a Telegram discussion group. If a notification from the bot contains information about several tickets and you want to leave a comment for a particular ticket, you should prepend your message with that ticket number. 

The add-on enables users to customize their notifications through filtering. In this way, they will receive updates only on those issues that match all the filter conditions. 

Jira users who rely on Jira schedule issues can leverage Jira Telegram Notifications to set up reminders or receive daily digests of overdue, due the current day, or due the next day tickets. 



  • Customizable notifications
  • Deadline reminders
  • Adding Jira comments from a Telegram discussion group
  • Can be installed only with the admin’s help
  • Supports only Jira Cloud
  • Limited features


Pricing: $0.2 per user for a team of 10, $1 per user for a team of 100 monthly


4. Telegram Integration for Jira


Telegram Integration for Jira is a Jira plugin developed by Itransition, a software development company from Belarus, for receiving issue notifications and discussing them in Telegram.

This integration allows users to create Telegram chats from a Jira issue view or project screen. Users can create only one chat for the same project and one chat for the same issue. It’s possible to select whether you want to receive only project notifications, issue notifications, or both. 

Chat creators can receive notifications on projects or issues in group and private chats. As for Jira events, the bot supports the following: issue created, resolved, closed, deleted, issue commented, and issue comment edited. 

You can also enable the auto-posting of chat messages as Jira comments. Some users can be given partial administrative privileges like deleting the chat and adding or removing participants. 

In private chats, users can type the /task and /log commands to create tasks and log hours from Telegram.




  • Straightforward setup
  • Customizable notifications
  • Creating tasks & logging time right from Telegram
  • Bug fixing and support
  • Detailed documentation
  • Can be installed only with the admin’s help
  • Supports only Jira Server that reaches end of life in February 2024


Pricing: free


5. Telegram Connector for Jira


Telegram Connector for Jira is a Telegram add-on for Jira developed by Globo Solutions, a software development company from Lithuania. The integration allows receiving notifications on numerous events and scheduled reports to group chats. 

Its event filtering has two modes: basic and advanced. In the basic mode, you can filter notifications by priority, issue type, and status. The advanced filtering relies on the Jira Query Language (JQL).

You can also narrow down the notifications by author. For example, you may want to receive updates only on core users’ actions, such as those of PMs or team leads. 

As for the event types, they are grouped under Comment, Issue, Worklog, Versions, and Sprint. Each category contains additional checkboxes that can be marked or unmarked, such as comment added, comment edited, issue created, issue updated, issue moved from the project, and so on.

Telegram Connector for Jira allows scheduling daily, weekly, and monthly reports on issues in the selected sprints, issues matching the chosen filter, see progress state of issues in the filter, and issues with no updates and no status changes. 



  • Abundant number of events
  • Advanced filtering options
  • Detailed documentation
  • Steady development and support
  • Supports only Jira Server and Jira Data Center; no Jira Cloud
  • Can be installed only with the admin’s help


Pricing: $10 per 10 users annually, $300 for up to 250 users annually


Summing Up


Using Jira with Telegram is a reasonable combination for improving tech team coordination. Telegram's simplicity, great UI, and real-time communication make working with Jira less intimidating. Moreover, Telegram integrations for Jira make it easy to manage remote teams no matter where you are. They give you control over what updates to receive and what to ignore without draining your attention span. 


Given that many of these are in the active development stage, your feedback is of great value to them. Plus, you can get the features you need for free simply by pointing out those areas for improvement. So give it a try and share your experience in the comments section!

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