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The Verdict on Double Invoicing: Sarah's Story

Hello Atlassian Community, It's Hind from Jaanga and today I want to shed light on something crucial for ensuring smooth sailing in your invoicing processes.

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Meet Sarah, a Project Manager at Company XYZ, a dynamic software development firm. For her project management, Sarah uses Jira and Tempo for seamless time tracking. Picture this: During a busy workweek, in a brief moment of inattention, she was handling the billing for one of their important clients when she unintentionally double-invoiced them 😱

The Impact on Sarah and Company XYZ:

  1. Customer Relationship Strain - Meet Alex:

    • Alex, their loyal customer, receives two identical invoices. Confusion and a hint of frustration settle in.

    • The rapport Sarah worked hard to build with Alex is momentarily shaken.

  2. Dedicated Time to Make Amends - Sarah's Dilemma:

    • Sarah realizes the error and embarks on a mission to rectify it. She needs to communicate with Alex promptly, explaining the situation and apologizing sincerely.

    • Estimated time spent by Sarah: 2 hours.

  3. Payment Delays and Finance Attempts - Introducing Emma:

    • Emma from the finance team now faces the challenge of reconciling payments. Alex, perplexed by the double invoice, delays making the payment until clarity is achieved.

    • Estimated time spent by Emma: 3 hours.

  4. Company Reputation on the Line - John, the Concerned Colleague:

    • Word of the invoicing incident circulates within the industry. John, a concerned colleague, is quick to assess the potential damage to Company XYZ's reputation.

    • Negative reviews and comments might pop up online, raising questions about the company's reliability.

  5. Employee Productivity Takes a Hit - The Collective Effort:

    • The entire team, including Sarah, Emma, and John, divert their focus from productive tasks to address the aftermath of the invoicing error.

    • Estimated collective time spent: 4 hours.

The Verdict:

  • A collective investment of 9 hours in rectifying the situation, rebuilding customer trust, and mitigating potential damage to the company's image.

In the real-world scenario of Sarah, Emma, and John, the consequences of double invoicing extend beyond numbers and hours. It emphasizes the need for a tool like Wize Tracking in BillWize, which could have proactively detected and prevented this error, saving time, preserving relationships, and maintaining Company XYZ's sterling reputation.


With advanced features like Wize Tracking, such incidents can be prevented. By providing comprehensive tracking and management of time logged for each client, contract, and worker, Wize Tracking ensures accuracy in invoicing. It detects potential overlaps in time entries and alerts users to significant gaps between invoices, minimizing the risk of errors and maximizing revenue.

With BillWize, businesses can streamline their invoicing processes, enhance efficiency, and maintain trust with their clients.



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