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The Robin to your Batman?

Say hello to your new sidekick, HAPI

 Every great hero needs a sidekick. Iron Man couldn’t assemble the Avengers without Jarvis, Frodo could never return the ring to Mordor without Samwise, and Han Solo couldn’t take down the Empire without Chewbacca.

Maybe you won’t be taking on a supervillain like Thanos, Sauron or Darth Vader today, but those automation requests are piling up faster than a lightsaber can chop off a hand.

So if you’re going to become an automation hero, you’ll need a reliable sidekick too.

Introducing a new way to leverage the awesome power of ScriptRunner for Jira Data Center and Server, and it can make your scripts up to 70% shorter. We’ve made things easier than ever so that you can fulfill more requests and become the unstoppable automation superhero your team needs. 

Say hello to your sidekick, HAPI.


The Robin to your Batman

HAPI is a simplified, more human way to define your automations and customisations in Groovy (the scripting language most commonly found in ScriptRunner products) without yielding any of the bespoke capability that you love the tool for. 

Now, when you start typing, HAPI will suggest what’s needed next. This is scripted automation built up in intuitive language, focused around use cases and Jira terminology, not around APIs. Just simple, readable code. Holy automation, Batman!


The Thelma to your Louise

HAPI helps you to deliver on advanced requirements in no time at all to helpfully accelerate your teams’ digital transformation. How?

In addition to the easier-to-read formatting of HAPI, this major upgrade also provides suggestions and autocompletions as you type, making the experience of creating your automations faster and smoother than ever before. Whether you’re an expert or a total beginner, don’t run out of road! Use HAPI AND just keep going.


The Watson to your Holmes

We know that Jira administrators come from a huge variety of different backgrounds and are often asked to wear lots of different hats in their role. It can be tough to find time to upskill on knowledge that you don’t already have, even if you know it will solve your headaches. 

With HAPI, you no longer need to be a master of deduction to perfectly recreate your business processes in Jira. 


The Hermoine to your Harry

If you already have ScriptRunner for Jira, you don’t need any wizarding magic to start benefiting from HAPI, simply upgrade to version 7.11.0+. It’s totally compatible with your existing Groovy scripts from day one. You don’t need to re-write your automations: you can adopt HAPI incrementally at your own pace. Simply start typing “Issues.” in any of ScriptRunner’s script editors to see the automation-building suggestions roll in.

There are also ready-made HAPI snippets that you can use beneath any Script Editor that you find in ScriptRunner if you want to get started but need to accio inspiration!


The Luigi to your Mario 

One advanced preview webinar participant called it the best thing they’ve seen in their time as an admin, and that’s the kind of feedback that puts a spring in the ScriptRunner team’s step. We live to make your lives easier and can’t wait to hear what you think about HAPI and what you’d like to see next. What are you waiting for? Let’s-a-go!


Ready to be the hero while HAPI does the heavy-lifting?

Download the latest version of ScriptRunner, or get started with a free trial, on Atlassian marketplace.


ScriptRunner can do anything: now you can too!



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