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Supercharge Team Collaboration with Our New Automated Templates

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest offering: four new templates equipped with advanced automation features, designed to streamline workflows and enhance collaboration. These templates cater to different aspects of team communication and project management, including async status meetings, daily standups, project kick-offs, and retrospectives. With a structured framework and automated page creation, these templates empower teams to optimize their productivity and foster a culture of efficiency.

Note that all theses templates are populated from your calendar by using the Meetical Meetings Calendar App

Here's a breakdown of each template:

Async Status Meeting Template

Efficiently keep your team informed about project progress, even across different time zones and busy schedules. This template provides a structured format for asynchronous communication, with sections for agenda items, updates, blockers, and action items. The automation feature automatically creates pages for each meeting, ensuring that updates are easily accessible and well-organized.


The list of participants, meeting date, title etc. is automatically pulled from the Google or Microsoft 365 calendar.

Here is how that meeting looks like on the calendar.

Screenshot 2023-06-08 at 10.29.51.png

Thanks to our auto-create pages feature, the pages can be created automatically, some days in advance. 

Daily Standup Template

Synchronize efforts and align priorities with this template, designed for agile teams. It offers a standardized format for sharing progress, discussing roadblocks, and coordinating tasks. With predefined questions like "What did you accomplish yesterday?" and "What are you planning to work on today?" this template promotes transparency, accountability, and fosters a sense of camaraderie. The automation feature allows for effortless page creation, ensuring important updates are captured.

daily-standup-meetical initial.png

Project Kick-Off Template

Starting a new project can be overwhelming, but this template simplifies the process. It provides a comprehensive framework to align goals, roles, and expectations from the start. Sections for project objectives, deliverables, milestones, and team member responsibilities help create a shared understanding. Additionally, the template includes a Project RACI matrix, allowing project managers to define clear roles and responsibilities for each team member.


Retrospective Template

Promote continuous improvement with this template, which facilitates a structured reflection process. Teams can identify what went well, areas for improvement, and actionable steps to enhance future performance. Dedicated sections for positive outcomes, areas of concern, and action items allow for effective documentation. By automating the creation of retrospective pages, valuable insights can be tracked and progress can be monitored over time.

retrospective template.png

Incorporating these templates, along with the power of automation for recurring meetings, will significantly enhance your team's productivity, collaboration, and overall efficiency. Say goodbye to manual page creation and hello to streamlined workflows. Learn how to install the new templates on our website if you already use the Meetical Meetings Calendar App or get started with Meetical Meetings from the Atlassian Marketplace.

We invite you to share your feedback and comments on how these templates have revolutionised your team's collaboration and productivity. Thank you!



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