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Query REST APIs that use OAuth2 like Azure AD or Netsuite with Elements Connect Cloud

Need to populate Jira Cloud fields from a REST API? It’s possible with Elements Connect.

Query REST APIs client credientals Elements Connect (600 × 400 px).png


But the first thing to check is the authentication required by your REST API.

Elements Connect Cloud supports 4 authentication modes:

  • No auth 

  • Basic auth

  • API Key, either set through a URL param or a HTTP header

  • 🆕 OAuth2 (client credentials grant type)

Details on the documentation


With the new OAuth2 authentication, you can connect to datasources like

  • Microsoft Azure AD

  • Netsuite

  • Google Apigee

  • Keycloak

  • Okta

  • your internal services

Here are a couple ideas for how you can streamline your Jira:

Microsoft Azure AD

Add connected items to your support request forms to fetch the reporter’s office location and affect the ticket to the relevant support group, or automatically triage request to location-based queues in a Jira Service Management project.


Display just the specific information from your CRM or ERP that Jira users need so they can advance on their issues without being overwhelmed with all of the data available in Netsuite.

Google Apigee

Query tools like SAP by using Apigee as a proxy service, and fetch information like cost centers or a list of companies instead of manually managing values for a custom field.


Fetch resources from your Sharepoint site by querying the Sharepoint REST API and improve the quality and quantity of information contained in an issue.


Question? 🙋 Leave a comment 👇 or book a call with our Product Manager



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