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🎈 PM72 MeetTheSpeakers: Jugaad - A Minimalistic approach to great team collaboration in Confluence


Hey folks :wave:,

As you might have heard, the PM72 Summit with 72 hours full of project management talks about topics around the Atlassian ecosystem starting June 13, 2022.

This is a free event and all funds raised by the sponsors will be donated to Malala Fund - an organization which has the vision of a world where every girl can learn and read.




πŸ‘‹ About the Speaker

@Anshuman Dash _K15t_ is a product person at heart and responsible for driving Product Strategy for K15t's Scroll Suite of apps. Driven by his desire to solve problems and his fondness for technology, you can find him navigating through the path of professional self-discovery building awesome apps for the Atlassian ecosystem, and in the process looking for new avenues for creative expression.

When he is not burning his brain cells over the next big feature to build, he can be found struggling to learn German, drinking espresso, thinking about drinking espresso, and writing some poetry every now and then.


πŸ—£ What he is talking about

Jugaad ("Jugaar") is a colloquial word originating in India that refers to an innovative fix or a simple work-around.

When faced with a problem, teams look to the tools in front of them to find a solution. For our team, that's Confluence.

In this talk, Dash will share some β€˜Jugaads’ or little hacks for how to use Confluence for things you may have never considered. Learn how to develop a Jugaad mindset and how it can help your team be more creative and even apply it to solve customer problems.

The talk will introduce the audience to the idea of Jugaad and how minimalism, simplicity, empathy, and creativity can be used in day-to-day work to drive inclusive and sustainable change.


🀩  What's your take away

  • New and creative ways of using Confluence to solve challenges that teams face every day using out-of-the-box features.

  • little hacks, that our team has come up with, the motivation behind them, what worked and what didn't, how some Jugaads turned into new products, and how they helped them make more informed decisions about the tools they ended up using. E.g.

    • building an alternative to stack overflow to collaboratively build a knowledge base

    • building a collaborative company-wide newsletter

    • and more

  • How to collaborate efficiently in a cross-functional self-managed teams

  • Creative problem solving to complex problems when dealing with constraints

  • Learning to do more with less - Minimalism, FTW!


πŸ—“  Add the talk to your calendar

If you don't want to miss this talk, add it to your calendar via this link:

πŸ‘‰ πŸ§  Jugaad - A Minimalistic approach to great team collaboration in Confluence

πŸ‘‰ πŸ§  Jugaad - A Minimalistic approach to great team collaboration in Confluence - Replay 





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