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New Features Coming to Routemap Jira Cloud version 1.5.11-AC 🔥

Hi community! we are thrilled to announce that Routemap for Jira Cloud has got a new version, 1.5.11-AC 🤩

In this version, we're bringing a brand new feature, updates, and improvements to streamline your workflow and enhance your sprint planning ability 🚀

What’s new in the Routemap 1.5.11 release? 

We proudly bring you the newest feature – Sprints Kanban – and other updates to Routemap’s Kanban board to enhance your experience with our app.

1. New Sprint Kanban board ✨

Sprint Kanban will have a new feature tailor-made for Scrum teams to manage their backlog. Agile teams can now use this feature to make sprint planning for DIFFERENT projects more seamless.

New sprint kanban

Besides, any new sprints or backlog issues (or items) created on Routemap’s Sprint Kanban board will also be updated in your Jira backlog.

To enable this feature on your current project boards, you have to check the box in your board settings and add the Sprints Kanban feature.

Enable Sprint Kanban.jpg

How to enable the new Sprints Kanban feature

For more details, you can take a look at our User Guide or watch our video to see how it works.

2. New updates to the Releases Kanban feature

Besides the new feature, there are also new updates to our current Releases Kanban feature. 

The first update to Releases Kanban is the Inline editing ability. With it, Routemap users can now freely edit issue summary, issue type, status, and priority levels directly in the Kanban board.

Inline editing in Releases Kanban

The second update is the Issue search box in Kanban. This feature will allow you to quickly find a specific Jira issue you want to add to the Releases Kanban.

Issue Search box in Releases Kanban.jpg

Lastly, Routemap users can now show Epic issues as a parent in every Kanban item for a streamlined experience.

More improvements 🏋️

Not just new features, we also made improvements in Routemap to make it more refined. More specifically, you can now show skeletons when adding new items to the Kanban board.

Additionally, we improved the Kanban UI and added the right menu for lanes.

…and bug fixes 🐞

We care about your overall experience while using Routemap, and bugs are not included. That’s why we carried on solving issues and fixed some known bugs in this version.

Here are what we have fixed to streamline your experience using our app: 

  • Fixed the issue Return 500 when executing the release function in the Release Kanban board
  • Fixed security bugs (Update app data by using API).
  • Fixed Error 500 when the user tries to move items to other columns in the Release Kanban board when releasing the version
  • Fixed the issue that filters wrong roadmaps in the Shared with me tab.
  • Fixed a bug of being Unable to load issues in issuesBox when planning new issues in the priority table

What does this new release mean to our users?

In this new release of Routemap for Jira Cloud version 1.5.11-AC, we hope to open up a new way for Scrum teams to manage their Agile projects and visualize sprint backlog on a Kanban board more intuitively.

We hope that this release can further assist you in streamlining your workflow and boosting your productivity 🚀

Try this new version 1.5.11-AC of Routemap - Portfolio Roadmaps, Timeline Gantt-chart & Kanban for Jira and ready to elevate your Scrum projects.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate and contact us via our Support Desk.



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