Need a User Onboarding app/plugin/ feature for JIRA data center project

Md_ Mahmudur Rashid February 25, 2024


I am in need of a 'user onboarding' plugin/feature for our Grant Management System, developed on the JIRA Software Data Center version. The main functionalities include:

  1. Project-specific configurability: A 'Start Tour' button will be visible on the project homepage for all logged-in users.
  2. Step-by-step guidelines: Provide a sequential guide for logged-in users, creating steps aligned with the issue status based on the project workflow.
  3. Triggering the process: Users can initiate the onboarding process by clicking a customized button.
  4. Progress tracking: Save a user's history along with their ID to monitor and track the progress of the onboarding process.
  5. Popup window overlay: Upon triggering the option, a popup window will appear next to the target UI element, featuring 'Next,' 'Previous,' and 'End Tour' buttons. The entire window will overlay, focusing the user on the target element until the tour is completed by clicking the 'End Tour' button.
  6. Tour restart: Upon completing a step, an additional 'Start Again' button will appear in the popup, allowing users to resume the tour from the first step.
  7. Progress visualization: Include a progress bar at the top of the popup, highlighting the current step's name and indicating completed and upcoming steps.
  8. Congratulations effect: Implement a visual congratulatory effect upon successfully finishing all steps of the onboarding process.
  9. Notification reminder: Users who haven't completed the tour will receive a pop-up notification upon login, with a focus on the 'Start Tour' button.
  10. Navigation flexibility: Allow users to navigate back and forth between steps by clicking the progress bar's step buttons.

Please suggest if there is any existing plugin that supports these functionalities or if anyone can develop it. We can discuss in more detail if required.

Thank you, everyone.


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Mark Thomas February 26, 2024

It probably wouldn't be a huge effort to utilize intro.js. Check out the live demo, it seems to meet most of your requirements. You would just need a way to insert javascript and css into your page(s). There are some add-ons that make it easy/maintainable.

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