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Mid-Monday Talk: Beyond Aesthetics - Dark Theme for Jira and Confluence

Anastasia Bek _Stiltsoft_
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August 21, 2023

Happy Monday, Community! 

I have learned something about myself over the past months - I like being on the dark side - especially Jira-speaking, as I haven’t switched back from a dark theme since I tried it out.

Beyond aesthetics (black will never go out of style), I have seen or, better said, confirmed, discussed the benefits of the dark mode, especially during after-hours.

As autumn fast approaches and days tend to become shorter and darker even within our typical 9/5, embracing the dark (mode) and grabbing a pumpkin spice latte will be top suggestions to start autumn on a high note. So, the main highlights for me are:

  • Dark Mode made my Atlassian experience more enjoyable daily; besides, it was pleasant to see the results of our team’s effort when we introduced support for the dark mode for our Jira and Confluence cloud apps.
  • Lights out, productivity on: Being on the dark side improved my focus and positively influenced my productivity and willingness to be productive. Rumor has it that the subdued background helps content stand out, which allows highlighting and focusing on things on the top priority list.
  • Dark Mode is good for your eyes and the device’s battery life: Muted colors and reduced brightness make the behind-screen experience more gentle and less intensive, especially during extended periods, which can reduce eye strain and the times the device needs to be charged.

Long story short

Dark Mode offers multiple benefits beyond the stylish appearance - both for you, your devices, and your productivity journeys. Being on the dark side and embracing it is a way to elevate your work environment, which supports focus, aesthetics, and functionality.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with the Atlassian Dark Mode lately; how long have you been on the dark side? Does the usage of the dark mode differ from device to device (work/personal/laptop/phone, etc.)? Have you found this feature to be a game-changer for your work and productivity?

Have a lovely week!


Atlassian Discussion_Mid-Monday Talk_ Beyond Aesthetics - Dark Theme for Jira and Confluence.png



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