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Maximizing Productivity: UpRaise's Seamless Integration with Tempo Timesheets

If you have not noticed, efficiency is paramount in today's fast-paced business world. Odds of finding tools that streamline your processes while maintaining accuracy are same as that of finding a diamond in the rough.

For many teams utilizing Atlassian products - Tempo Timesheets has become that diamond, simplifying time tracking with detailed reporting. However, when it comes to tracking employee leaves or organization wide holidays, Tempo Timesheets leaves room for improvement.

Enter UpRaise apps

UpRaise apps (People & Employee Garrison, to be precise) have been the tools for many teams to easily set up their leave/vacation management processes right within Jira. And a lot of those users had conveyed their desire to easily push the holidays & employee leaves from UpRaise onto their Tempo timesheets.
Now, UpRaise has introduced the integration to automatically sync team holidays and employee vacations into Tempo timesheets, creating a synergy that reduces double entries and increases efficiency.

Here's how this integration will help teams:

  • Saves Time and Effort - Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, the UpRaise-Tempo integration eliminates the time-consuming process of double entries. Before, the team holiday data had to be added to a separate system where the team was tracking their leaves as well as Tempo timesheets. That is not required anymore if your leave management is already happening with the UpRaise apps.
    Employees needed to log work, even if they did not work, (although on special issues in Jira) for their vacations. This, on top of their leave/vacation management system. With employee vacations now automatically populated in Tempo timesheets, employees can direct their focus on more important tasks rather than mundane data entry.
  • Ensures Accuracy - The cost of inaccuracies in time tracking and leave management can be hefty for businesses. The integration between UpRaise and Tempo ensures that every leave availed is accurately recorded in Tempo Timesheets, reducing discrepancies and ensuring accurate reports at the end of each period.
  • Promotes Efficiency - By automatically pushing leaves & holiday data from UpRaise to Tempo timesheets, the integration optimizes operations, reducing any delays. The integration also allows for leaves to be posted in the Tempo timesheets based on the type of leave availed, further promoting specificity.

How to set up the UpRaise & Tempo Timesheets integration

Configure API token

Under UpRaise settings --> Integrations, now it is possible to add API token for Tempo timesheets. This integration works in addition to Confluence & Slack integrations already offered by UpRaise. Please note that this is an instance level integration. Meaning, once set up by the UpRaise admin it will work for all users on that instance. Underlying condition is that the user whose API token is to be added to UpRaise set up, should have the worklog read & write permissions as well as the ability to manage holiday schemes in Tempo.

UpRaise Tempo integration image 1.jpg

Set up Holiday sync

The next step is to set up holiday scheme syncing. Both, UpRaise & Tempo timesheet apps allow creation of multiple holiday schemes. For each holiday scheme in UpRaise, one can connect the corresponding holiday scheme in Tempo timesheets. After the connection is set up, UpRaise will push all the holidays from that scheme into the connected Tempo timesheets scheme. Whenever a holiday is added/removed from UpRaise - corresponding action will automatically trigger. 
And this way, there is no need to manage holidays information at two different places.

UpRaise Tempo integration image 2.jpg

Map UpRaise leave type against Tempo timesheets internal issue/s

Employees will apply for leaves within the UpRaise app for different vacation types. It is possible to map Tempo internal issues against each one of those leave types.

What this will mean - whenever a leave for an employee is availed within the UpRaise app, corresponding worklog entry will be created automatically for the mapped issue. That is, employees do not need to manually log time against those 'special' internal issues. It will happen automatically.

UpRaise Tempo integration image 3.jpg

The integration of UpRaise and Tempo Timesheets brings together the best of both worlds: the detailed reporting and time tracking of Tempo, and the efficient leave management of UpRaise.

Explore this integration today, and make your first step towards a more streamlined and efficient workforce management.



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