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Marketplace Partner Spotlight: Jaanga

For this month's partner spotlight, we're featuring Jaanga, a Marketplace Partner! We caught up with Khalid El Koundi, Jaanga's CEO and co-founder, about how his team comes up with new ideas for apps, what's next for them, and more.

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The Jaanga Team in Casablanca, February 2024.


Atlassian: What's your role at Jaanga?

Khalid: As the CEO and co-founder, I make sure that everything is running smoothly and every member of the team has what they need, I always thought that CEO meant Chief Of Everything :slight_smile:

Atlassian: How does your team come up with ideas for new apps?

Khalid: When it comes to finding new features or apps, we usually start by gathering input from our consultants who work directly with our clients. We then analyze the market and identify any opportunities for improvement. Additionally, our team members often contribute creative ideas that we explore through building proof of concepts for fun.

Atlassian: What do you think has been the secret to your success so far? 

Khalid: Our customers value our knowledge and quick response, and our approach is more adaptable and agile compared to larger firms, which has become our hallmark.

We also place a strong emphasis on collaboration; our recruitment process, influenced by Atlassian, has enabled us to build a small yet efficient and fun team.

Atlassian: What is your most popular app? What problem were you trying to solve for customers when you created it?  

Khalid: Our most popular app is undoubtedly Group Ambassadors for Jira. It addresses a highly specific yet significant challenge for large organizations by offloading group and membership management from the admin team.


Nominate an Ambassador in Group Ambassador Admin Page.


Group ambassadors allows you to nominate ambassadors as an admin and benefit from:

  • Decentralized Management: By empowering Group Ambassadors, group membership management becomes more agile and responsive to changes, reducing the time lag in updating memberships.

  • Reduced Administrative Burden: Jira administrators can focus on more strategic tasks, as the day-to-day management of group memberships is distributed among Group Ambassadors.

  • Enhanced Accuracy: Group Ambassadors, being closer to the operational needs of their groups, can maintain more accurate and functional group memberships.

  • Scalability: Our solution is designed to effortlessly scale with your organization, accommodating growth and changes without additional administrative complexity.

Our app is not just a tool; it's a strategic solution designed to address the pain points of managing a large and dynamic user base in Jira. It significantly helps reduce in the administrative overhead associated with group management, improved accuracy in group memberships, and, ultimately, a more efficient and streamlined Jira environment.

Atlassian: What’s next for you?

Khalid: We're currently focusing on the budgeting aspect of Jira. While there are already several apps in the marketplace addressing this need, we believe that we can offer unique value. Our plan is to launch a beta version by the end of Q2 2024.

To learn more about Jaanga, check out their Atlassian Marketplace listing – and don’t forget to comment and let us know what your favorite app of theirs is!



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