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Mark your Jira issues on Google Maps easily!

undraw_Map_dark_k9pw (1).png

Have you ever imagined that you can have a possibility to attach geolocations to your Jira account? How useful is the ability to make the issuing route and be even more productive? If you’re interested in it, we will tell you how to do that and get lots of benefits! 


What is Google Maps for Jira

SaaSJet team proposes to you the new add-on - Google Maps for Jira. Let’s go on and discover its functions in more detail. The main feature of this add-on is to attach your issues to locations on Google Maps. This functionality will be valuable if you need to mark specific locations for the issue assignee. These can be tasks related to logistics or other types of work that are tied to specific addresses. The application uses Google Maps, so it will be convenient for you to find the right place.

Screenshot 2.jpg


The application has additional features that will help you with work:

  • Set and view geolocation for each issue;
  • Configure multiple locations for each Jira item - you can choose as many locations as you need;
  • Add more detailed info about each marker in the description field - this can be any detailed information that can be useful to the task assignee;
  • You can use all Google maps features for interaction like zoom/drag, change map type, and click markers to reveal more information).

Screenshot 3.jpg

The issue is depicted on the Google Map, where all attached locations regarding the issue are displayed. The add-on is straightforward and convenient to use. So you won’t have any difficulties with its functionalities. 


How to start using 

To start working with Issue Map, you need to install the app on Atlassian Marketplace. After that, you will be able to add geolocation for each issue on the Issue View Panel

Screenshot 1.jpg

Now you can easily attach geolocations, prioritize your issues, and make your workflow more productive! You can try its free trial version and check all features. We hope Google Maps for Jira will help you make your working process more comfortable and productive!


If you have any additional questions, please, email us at We are eagerly waiting for your requests.


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Alvaro Fabian Hernandez Ramirez
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
March 1, 2022

hi Zoryana Bohutska _SaaSJet_

i have a question or requier for the application and team of SaaSJet.

how do you configure the field for maps in the Customer portal? because i have the next scenario

1.- the client login to the customer portal
2.- the client put the address in ticket
3.- create the ticket in JSM
4.- the agent copy and paste the field "address" in the maps field.
5.- the client only view the map in ticket.

for a client i need to set up the fiel in the customer view, because this information relates to the pickup and deliver from some products.

if you can help me, i glad to hearing any options.

thanks a lot!!!

Alvaro Hernandez

Like Kevin Gérard likes this
wojciechka July 26, 2023

@Alvaro Fabian Hernandez Ramirez if you are still looking for a solution, you're welcome to evaluate Maps, Locations and Territories for Service Desks which supports having maps in the JSM portal.

On top of geo-marker in your tickets you will also get territorial issue management i.e. Jira will suggest the assignable users based on their supported territories. You can also implement a territory-based pull-workflow for your agents altogether with the app.

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