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Latest updates to JMWE for Jira Cloud include Build-your-own Condition & Validator

We are super-excited about our latest release of Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE) for Jira Cloud! It includes many new features that give our customers the ability to enhance automation by better customizing Jira workflows. Here is what's new in this release.

Build-your-own (scripted) Condition and Validator, powered by Jira Expressions

Recently, Atlassian introduced Jira expressions - this domain-specific language is used to implement conditions and validators in Jira Cloud.

JMWE's new Build-your-own (scripted) Condition and Build-your-own (scripted) Validator make scripting easy with our proprietary interactive inline help system. It displays what the script should return, provides a description of global variables that are available to use in your scripts, gives an explanation of how to access any issue field, lists methods and properties available on issue objects, and more.

Using the Build-your-own (scripted) Condition, for example, you can create a condition to hide the transition from the user if s/he is not an approver, allow the issue to be closed only by the reporter, show an "escalate" transition when the time-to-resolution has been breached, and so much more.

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 8.42.59 PM.png

Watch this one-minute video to see how it works.

Note that Jira expressions is a new language just recently developed Atlassian, therefore there might be situations where it won't act as expected, so please be sure to always test your workflow.

New Conditions 

Workflow Conditions control whether the transition button is made available to the user. Now, JMWE for Jira Cloud makes the following Conditions available to Jira administrators to control the availability of a transition to be triggered by the user.  

  • Current Status Condition - allows you to hide/show a particular transition from the list of available workflow actions, based on the current status of the issue.
  • Linked Issues Condition - allows you to hide/show a particular transition from the list of available workflow actions based on the issue's linked issues. It also applies to epic/stories and issue/subtasks relationships. See example in this video.
  • Linked Issues Status Condition - allows you to hide/show a particular transition from the list of available workflow actions based on the status of the issue's linked issues. It also applies to epic/stories and issue/subtasks relationships.

New Validators

Workflow Validators are used to validate the input made on the transition screen after the transition is triggered. JMWE for Jira Cloud makes the following Validators available to Jira administrators:

  • Linked Issues Validator - ensures that issues linked to the current issue have certain characteristics. It also applies to epic/stories and issue/subtasks relationships.
  • Linked Issues Status Validator - ensures that the current issue's linked issues are in one of the selected statuses. It also applies to epic/stories and issue/subtask relationships.

View Issue Transitions in the Activity section

A new Transitions option is now available in the Activity section on the Issue View screen. It lets you easily see all issue transitions, when they took place, and who triggered them, all in one list. You can also see Time in status for each transition so that you can more easily evaluate the history of status changes of an issue.   


New Post-functions

In addition, a number of enhancements to existing features were implemented. To see them all, please read the release notes



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