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K15t@Codegeist: Templates, Page Links, & Proofreading

At K15t, we love Hackathons. Three times a year a year, we hold our 24h-hackathon—Hacketse—to drive innovation and have fun, seriously. This is why my colleague, Anshuman Dash, started the initiative to take part in Atlassian's Codegeist competition this year. We had several ideas and have chosen three of them to share with the world. Now we're really keen to get your feedback, so let me present you our three apps:

Create From Template Pro

Are you using Confluence templates to give your pages a consistent look and feel? Then you're probably familiar with the Create from Template macro. It's quite handy to point your teammates to the template they should use for creating a new idea, feature specification, or similar. However, using this macro, I was often frustrated that all the new pages were created directly under the page where the macro was added.

I was so relieved when my colleagues created this new app Create from Template Pro. This app not only solves my problem of choosing a parent page but also offers some additional help, like styling the button, adding labels to new pages, and creating really consistent page titles.

Read more about it on the Codegeist submission page or install it directly using this link.

Page Links for Confluence

Have you ever felt stuck when bringing order to your pages with links? What if there was an app that helped you link to different pages in meaningful ways?

Page Links for Confluence is here to help you relate pages with each other and with Confluence users. All I have to do is define the links and use the Page Links macro on the page to make the connections visible right on the page. By doing so, it becomes easier for everyone to order their pages, keep track of the updates, manage page owners, and suggest related pages.

Read more about it on the Codegeist submission page or install it directly using this link.

Proofreading for Confluence

Being part of an international team is amazing. However, it has its own challenges, like communication. Most of the time we use English to communicate, which is a second or third language for some of us. So, I'll write an article—like this one—and think: "who should I ask for proofreading?"

That's the problem which Proofreading for Confluence tackles. All I need to do is to click the 'Request Proofread' action on a Confluence page and it enables all team members who are part of the proofreading team to see the request on their Confluence Home page.

Read more about it on the Codegeist submission page or install it directly using this link.

Call for Feedback

Now you know what we've worked on. Why not install the apps yourself and try them out? We'd love to get your feedback!

For example think about these questions:

  • What use cases do these apps solve for your team?
  • What improvement suggestions or feature ideas do you have?

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Fabienne Gerhard
Community Leader
Community Leader
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September 14, 2021

You can always count on me ☺️

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