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It's Time We Change How We Communicate Roadmaps and Plans

Jens Schumacher - Released_so
Marketplace Partner
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March 21, 2024

We’ve tried them all – all the ways to communicate upcoming plans and roadmaps to team members and customers.

  • The Excel or Google spreadsheet
  • The Powerpoint presentation
  • The Miro board
  • Actual roadmap screenshots
  • Dedicated roadmapping tools
  • … you name them


The problem. Within a couple of days of sharing those static roadmaps, they are already outdated.  

But you know what's not outdated? Plans and projects in Jira. Whether it’s a Jira Software timeline or a Jira Product Discovery board. It's the most up to date information available.

But most roadmaps have been primarily designed for planning. Not for communication with stakeholders or customers. They contain too much detail and not enough context to be an effective planning tool. They are also hard to share, one directional (basically broadcasting without feedback) and there is no good way to provide updates. And does anyone remember what the state of the roadmap was 3 months ago?

As a product manager, getting the roadmap up to date for a quarterly review or board meeting has always been a huge pain.

Answering questions from sales or marketing about the status of a feature scales really poorly as an organisation grows.

And maintaining a seperate list of features in our documentation to share our plans with customers was well intended... but rarely up to date.

↳ There had to be a better way.


Introducing Released Roadmaps, a new product feature of Released.  

Roadmaps header.png

  • Simple, always up-to-date roadmaps, focused on communication.
  • Based on your Jira Software Epics and Stories or Product Discovery Ideas.
  • Showing just the fields that matter to your audience.
  • Additional context, not just a board.
  • Build in updates, to keep everyone informed.

The first feature of Released made communicating product updates 10x faster, with AI powered released notes. Now we are doing the same for roadmaps. Re-thinking how product teams communicate future plans and work in progress, with their teams and customers.  

Stay tuned.

PS: Sign up to the beta and be amongst the first to try it out. 




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Adam Ahmed March 24, 2024

Thanks for writing this, Jens. I'm excited to see how this live roadmap can help bring a team together with shared understanding!

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