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Is There a Cost-Effective Alternative to Jira Service Management (JSM)?

Jira Service Management (JSM) is a powerful tool for building robust customer service portals. However, its specialized features and additional licensing costs can sometimes make it overkill for smaller teams or those with less complex support needs.7z9ej5.jpg

You chose Jira to empower your teams with flexible workflows and powerful issue tracking. But when it comes to setting up a customer support portal, Jira Service Management (JSM) can sometimes present its own set of hurdles:

  • Steep learning curve: Configuring JSM requires specialized knowledge and can be time-consuming, especially for those new to its structure.
  • Cost considerations: JSM's additional licensing costs might not make sense if your support needs are relatively straightforward.
  • Flexibility trade-off: Sometimes you just need a simple way to capture information from external users without re-architecting your entire Jira instance around service management.

Introducing a Lighter, More Integrated Approach

If these pain points resonate, consider Smart Jira Forms. It's a powerful add-on that sits directly within your existing Jira, empowering you to:

  • Design intuitive forms in minutes: No JSM-specific templates or complex workflows to learn. Use familiar Jira elements to build the exact form you need.
  • Share forms where they make sense: Easily embed forms right into your Confluence knowledge base for internal requests or generate external links for public-facing support channels.
  • Brand it your way: Customize colors, fonts, and even add your logo to ensure a seamless experience for your customers or colleagues.
  • Put your data to work: Forget manual copy-pasting! Smart Jira Forms automatically converts submissions into Jira issues, even populating fields to categorize and assign work effectively.

Real-World Examples: How Others Are Using Smart Jira Forms

  • Small IT Team: Replace cumbersome email-based helpdesk requests with a simple "Submit a Ticket" form embedded in Confluence. Issues get automatically routed based on the problem type.

  • Software Company: Collect targeted feature requests with a product feedback form, mapping user ratings to Jira priority fields to guide development decisions.

  • HR Department: Streamline onboarding by having new hires fill out a form that directly creates tasks for necessary paperwork, IT setup, and team introductions in Jira.

  • Project Manager: Uses a Smart Jira Form to collect project requests from stakeholders. The form includes fields for project description, objectives, estimated budget, and timelines. The submitted form creates a new Jira issue with all the relevant details, automatically assigning it to the project manager for review and approval. This ensures all project requests are captured systematically and helps the project manager prioritize work.
  • Marketing Manager: Creates a Smart Jira Form for managing creative requests from the marketing team. The form includes fields for project description, target audience, desired outcomes, and due dates. Once submitted, the form creates a Jira issue that's assigned to the appropriate creative team member. This centralizes request management, ensures all necessary details are captured, and allows for efficient tracking of progress.
  • Smart Jira Forms Advantages:

    • Cost-Effective: If you're already using Jira, there's no additional licensing fee for Smart Jira Forms.
    • Customization: Design unique forms tailored to your precise needs, without having to learn JSM-specific templating.
    • Versatile: Smart Jira Forms works for a wide range of use cases beyond traditional service desks (surveys, onboarding forms, lead capture, etc.).

Embedding Forms vs. Sharing External Links

Smart Jira Forms offers flexibility in how you present forms to users:

  • Embedding: Seamlessly integrate forms into your Confluence knowledge base pages or other internal Jira areas. Ideal for requests from colleagues or known partners.b3de8e8b-7585-44ec-8dce-c63b26eb900f.png
  • External Links: Generate standalone links to send via email, embed on your public website, or share on social media. Perfect for broader customer support forms.632a5ecb-0502-48f5-83f9-e39437791ac0.png

Make Your Forms Match Your Brand

With Smart Jira Forms' theme customization, ensure a consistent experience for users. No jarring transitions from your website to a generic form. Easily adjust:

  • Background Colors: Match your company palette.
  • Fonts and Text Styles: Create clear visual hierarchy.
  • Embedded Content: Add your logo or instructions.

Smart Data Capture and Workflow Integration

Smart Jira Forms doesn't just collect information; it puts it to work for you:

  • Automatic Issue Creation: Every form submission instantly creates a new Jira issue where your team can work their magic.
  • Smart Fields: Map form fields like "Issue Type," "Customer Email," and "Description" directly to corresponding Jira fields. This saves time and ensures that key information is always captured.
  • Automation: Trigger follow-up actions based on form responses. Send confirmation emails, assign tasks to the right team, or escalate critical issues.

Step-by-Step Example: Building a Support Request Form

  1. Install Smart Jira Forms (find it on the Atlassian Marketplace)
  2. Create a New Form: Give it a clear name like "Customer Support Form"780a1684-ece2-45ba-9d24-7a63058e349e.png
  3. Add Form Fields: Include "Email", "Subject," a "Problem Type" dropdown (Bug, Feature Request, Question), and a "Description" text box.
  4. Map to Jira: Connect each field to its corresponding Jira issue field.
  5. Share and Test: Embed into your help center or get the external link. Submit a test request to ensure everything works.

Use Case:  Customer Support Requests

  • The JSM Way: Customers submit tickets through a dedicated portal, with options for attachments and issue categorization.
  • Smart Jira Forms Approach:
    1. Build a Form: Design a form with fields for "Contact Email", "Problem Description", "Issue Type" (dropdown), "Attachment" (optional), etc.
    2. Share or Embed: Either embed the form on a Confluence page or website or generate an external link for public access.
    3. Automate Issue Creation: Configure the form to create Jira issues automatically, mapping form fields to corresponding Jira issue fields for accurate routing.

Let's Make Support Simple

  • Give it a Spin: Find Smart Jira Forms on the Atlassian Marketplace and try a free trial.
  • Explore the Possibilities: Browse the documentation for guides and inspiration on different use cases.



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