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Introducing the New Label Manager – Organizr for Bitbucket

After recently checking if there has been any progress with BSERV-10715 (Labels for Pull Requests), with no luck. We have decided to do what we can to assist those out there looking for a better label solution for their Bitbucket instance. 

Today, we’re excited to announce a significant enhancement to our Organizr for Bitbucket app: the new Label Manager feature. This addition is poised to revolutionize how teams, from small startups to large enterprises, organize and manage their Bitbucket pull requests across all their repositories.

Label Manager Features

  1. Multi-Scope Label Management: Delegate label management to increase team efficiency. The Label Manager introduces three scopes for label management – Global, Project, and Repository. This structure offers unparalleled flexibility and control over how labels are used and managed across different levels of your Bitbucket instance.
  2. Enhanced Organization: Create and manage labels easily with an intuitive user interface. Assign colors to different labels for quick identification, helping teams stay organized and efficient.
  3. Dynamic Permission Settings: It’s time to stop the rampant label space growth once and for all. This feature allows for detailed control over label creation permissions. Global settings can be overridden at the project or repository level, ensuring the right balance between control and flexibility.
  4. Archive and Deletion Options: Clean up (the mess) and consolidate. Labels can also be archived or deleted, allowing teams to keep their label lists clean and relevant. Archived labels are hidden from the main list but can be easily retrieved if needed.
  5. Real-Time Editing and Updating: Edit label names and colors in real-time. Changes are immediately reflected across all associated pull requests, ensuring consistency across your project.

Why This is a Game-Changer for Teams

  • For Small Teams: The ease of creating and managing labels without administrative overhead makes it perfect for small teams who need to stay agile and organized.
  • For Enterprise Teams: Large teams will appreciate the granular control over label permissions and the ability to manage labels across multiple scopes. This feature significantly enhances governance and consistency in large-scale projects.
Labels in Pull Request.png


Organizr for Bitbucket’s new Label Manager is more than just an organizational tool; it’s a way to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and maintain control over your project’s metadata at every level. Whether you’re a small team looking for a better structure or an enterprise seeking robust pull request label management and automation, this feature is designed to meet your needs.

Experience this new feature and see how it can transform your Bitbucket experience. With Organizr for Bitbucket, project and pull request management just got a whole lot easier and more efficient.

Visit Organizr for Bitbucket on the Atlassian App Store

Watch the Organizr Label manager video here


As always,

Happy coding, friends.

Sean Manwarring - Izymes



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