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How to relieve stress while pretending to work

Howdy, guys! 

How are you guys doing? How is your work?

We all work hard, and sometimes we get stressed from work. When you are in rush with your work, it’s hard to concentrate as usual. Giving yourself a short break right on that spot can help you reset your mind.

But, how?

Typing can be helpful in releasing stress through various mechanisms! 

  1. Emotional expression :zany_face:: Typing allows you to express your thoughts, emotions, and concerns in written form. By typing out your feelings, you give them a tangible form and create distance between yourself and the stressors. This process of emotional expression can provide a sense of relief and help you gain a better understanding of your emotions

  2. Catharsis :laughing:: Typing can serve as a form of catharsis , allowing you to release pent-up emotions and frustrations. As you type, you may feel a sense of liberation as the words flow onto the screen. This process can help you let go of stress and find a release for your emotional burden.

  3. Sense of control :relieved:: Typing gives you a sense of control over your thoughts and the ability to express yourself. It allows you to articulate your concerns, explore different perspectives, and develop strategies to cope with stress. This sense of control can empower you and reduce the feelings of helplessness often associated with stress.


So, here is the way to do typing to pretend to work 🤫

Fidget toy for Jira”


Type and blow away

Type and blow away emotions come in mind while using Jira.

It is a simple act of moving your fingers, but this movement can relieve your stress.


Just blow it away

Don’t be too serious using Jira. Take your time, even in the midst of your busy day. And just relax, what you type is not saved anywhere. Just blow it.


Change theme

You can choose from various themes to change the mood according to your mind. Some of the themes appear different from what you typed. Just blow away any negative emotions, bad thoughts.


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