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How to get all user details from LDAP inside a Jira ticket

The pitfalls of missing information on a ticket reporter for Jira Service Management agents

When you work in a large company putting ITSM processes in place, one of your main goals will be to help your IT team provide a high-quality service to all employees.

In their day-to-day work are frequently included support requests raised by employees on the IT Support Desk. The more information the agent has on the reporter, the better he can help him. However this kind of information (the employee's location or phone number for instance) is often scattered across different tools, and it can cost a lot of time, time spent searching for the data needed.


Jira on one side, LDAP on the other? Connect them!

Do you use Jira Service Management as your IT Support Portal? And do you work with LDAP to manage your directory services and gather all your employees information details?

There is a simple solution to provide your IT support agents with all the information they need using LDAP data. With the help of an app for Jira On-Premise named Elements Connect, you can easily connect Jira Service Management to LDAP and fetch data from your user directory to display it inside Jira tickets automatically. 



Populate Jira tickets with up-to-date information from LDAP

Once configured, Elements Connect for Jira On-Premise will automatically fetch issue reporter details from LDAP and populate custom fields with this information. This way, you get advanced data on the reporter directly inside the ticket. You can choose which information you want to retrieve. It can be the job title, department, contact details, manager name, or anything the agent needs to solve the ticket.

And bonus, the data you retrieve can be updated live, so you always are up-to-date on the user details.


So in conclusion:

  • Connect your LDAP to Jira,
  • Automatically fetch issue reporter details and populate custom fields,
  • Get up-to-date information on the reporter inside each Jira ticket,
  • Help the IT team solve tickets quicker and provide a high-quality service.

Have questions, comments or ideas? Comment below! ⬇

And if you want to try and get data from your LDAP,  check out this demo example on Jira Service Management.

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CP August 18, 2022

I can't use the link  check out this demo example .
The "guest" login does not work and when I choose Sign up for an account the captcha is not displayed.
How can I check out the demo example?


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