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How to Manage a Part-Time Contractor's Schedule?

Cooperation with part-time contractors is getting more common due to transitioning to remote work as it becomes a new normal after the pandemic, although it has its own specifics and challenges. Successful contracting depends on the right task tracking and time management, so companies search for the proper tools.

ActivityTimeline offers a wide variety of features for the comfort of both parties. Main Dashboard provides a complete view of all ongoing processes. It’s like a map that shows every user, his/her tasks, and projects. Other modules with the personal cabinet for employees, timesheeting, and reporting are necessary for the evaluation of success and analytics.

Contractors' Scheduling - Don't Miss Anything

Working with contractors may be quite unstable and not easy to control, especially if they’re dispersed around the globe.  The app visualizes all the resources, grouped into teams to your taste, and helps with most of the pains.


Workload schemes.png

  • The app is synchronized with Jira and issues can be created directly from the dashboard. Users can also create different internal custom events.  Contractors always have some additional meetings and calls, even flights, especially if they’re remote. Leave all of the upcoming events on the dashboard, create placeholders or bookings.

Custom Events.png

  • If your contractors don’t want to miss the deadline, they can use the milestones panel to remind themselves about the most important events!

Milestones panel.png

  • For your comfortable grouping ActivityTimeline provides a possibility to create project teams. They will be created automatically by the system, based on the information from Jira about all users working on tasks from the specific project.

Project Teams.png

  • If the company works with freelancers they can set up Functional teams based on skills or positions. Create your custom skills (which show the level of skills) and positions, assign them to contractors, and create functional teams.

Functional Teams.gif

Timesheeting and Reporting for Contractors

We can hardly imagine an efficient workflow without analyzing and evaluating, so the app provides two must-have modules - Track and Report.

  • Timesheets are included in the application. Users can log time from the main dashboard or from their personal cabinet, where they’ll find a pleasant bonus - Timetracker,  which helps to calculate the worked time. After that, managers can approve or disapprove work. Users can also choose between billable and non-billable hours, or create their own categories which are quite useful when you work with part-time contractors.

Log Work .gif

  • Create timesheets with different values: choose projects, teams, timeframes, and categories. If you use the detailed timesheets, you can even discover how much money was spent for each and every task, if you have created your custom fields in Jira for the cost of every issue type, e.g. if bug cost is 10$/hour and task cost is 15$/hour you will see that in the detailed worklog timesheet and it really helps with the cost tracking.

Detailed Timesheets.png

  • Reports are quite different and based on workload & availability, tasks & projects, resources, skills & positions, even on vacations. Look around and choose the most suitable for you.



Collaboration with contractors may be challenging but only for those who haven't found the right management tool which helps both sides and makes the working process even more effective.

Check out our Blog page and discover more useful tips for your advanced planning.



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