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How do you make your support team more efficient with SLA in Jira?

Effective resource management is crucial in the fast-paced world of modern business. However, numerous organizations struggle to grasp the actual expenses associated with their support functions. This lack of transparency often obstructs strategic planning and undermines the potential for support teams to operate at their maximum impact and efficiency.

Envision being able to reveal the obscured intricacies of your support operations, empowering your team to transition from a cost center to an agile and impactful strategic asset.


Here's how Jira SLA Time and Report can help you track your support team:

  1. Define Clear Goals with SLAs

  • Jira SLAs set expectations for your team and customers. Clearly define the types of requests you handle and the targeted resolution times for each. This transparency fosters trust and motivates your team to meet established benchmarks.
  1. Leverage Automation for Efficiency

  • SLA Jira allows you to automate repetitive tasks using automation rules. For instance, you can set up rules to automatically:
  • Classify incoming requests: Route tickets to the appropriate team member based on urgency or issue type.
  • Trigger notifications: Alert agents when an SLA is nearing violation, prompting them to prioritize critical issues.
  • Close resolved requests: Save time by auto-closing resolved tickets and keeping your queues organized.
  1. Track Performance and Make Adjustments

  • Jira provides insightful reports on SLA compliance. Analyze these reports to identify areas for improvement. Are certain request types consistently exceeding resolution times? This might indicate a need for additional training or resource allocation.
  1. Prioritize Effectively with SLA Timers

  • Jira's SLA timers offer real-time visibility into how much time remains before an SLA violation. This empowers agents to prioritize tasks effectively, addressing critical issues first.
  1. Comprehensive reporting

  • Generate detailed reports on crucial SLA metrics like Time to First Response and Resolution, providing valuable insights for data-driven decision-making.


Ready to take control? Here's your roadmap for SLA Time and Report:

Once you install the product from the Marketplace, all Jira users will be synced to the add-on.

  1. Set up your SLA: Go to the SLA configuration menu to create a new SLA timer or edit an existing one.


  1. Track SLA: Monitor task fulfillment and Issues' statuses according to the data in the grid table, which contains data structured in rows and columns.


  1. SLA Chart Reports: You can get a helicopter view of necessary issues’ SLA statuses using graph reports at SLA Time and Reports.


  1. Generate SLA Report: Click the Generate Report button and watch your SLA report come to life, providing insight into your SLAs and goals.

In conclusion, taking control of your Jira workflow is now within reach. Following this roadmap, you can seamlessly sync all Jira users to the add-on, set up and customize your SLA, track task fulfillment and issue statuses efficiently, and gain insightful reports through SLA Chart Reports.


Is Your Support Team a Cost Center or a Strategic Asset?

In today's business landscape, understanding support costs is crucial. Transform your team from a cost center to an asset with Cost Tracker in Jira:

  1. Time Tracking widget: Track support team time spent easily.
  2. Hourly Rates and Cost Calculation: Calculate support activity costs accurately.
  3. Project and Issue Level Cost Tracking: Track cost of issue, epic, user, project or any other scope of your wish.
  4. Cost Reports and Insights: Generate detailed cost reports for resource optimization.
  5. Budget Management and Forecasting: Plan and manage budgets effectively. Add expenses, associate with project or user and build a forecast.


How Cost Tracker Can Help:

Cost Tracker is an essential tool for organizations seeking to optimize support operations and enhance customer satisfaction. Seamlessly integrated with Jira Cloud, Cost Tracker revolutionizes cost management, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and drive measurable results. Key features include:

  1. Automated Cost Tracking: Effortlessly track support team expenses and project costs, enabling accurate budget management and resource allocation.
  2. Granular Cost Analysis: Dive deep into cost data with comprehensive reporting capabilities. Identify cost trends, potential savings opportunities, and areas for optimization within your support operations.
  3. Budget Management and Forecasting: Set and manage planned budgets for your support team. Compare actual costs to planned budgets, identify discrepancies, and take proactive corrective actions.
  4. Integration Flexibility: Whether you use Time Tracker inside Cost Tracker, built-in time logging from Jira, Clockwork, or Tempo Work Logs, Cost Tracker seamlessly integrates with your preferred time tracking app.

Remember, happy customers are the foundation of any successful business.

Optimize your support operations, boost customer satisfaction, and drive measurable results for your organization. As a special offer, we're providing a discount of up to 25% for a duo of Cost Tracker and SLA Time and Report. Contact our customer support team to claim your discount and propel your support operations to new heights.



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