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How Page Feedback for Confluence Solves Common User Pain Points

Effective documentation is crucial for teams success, regardless of the type of work teams would naturally do. However, collecting and managing feedback on documentation can often be a daunting task. That's where Page Feedback for Confluence comes in. This app is designed to streamline the feedback process, making it easier for teams to collaborate and improve their content.

Common problems for content manager:

  1. Unclear feedback: One of the most common issues teams face is receiving vague or unclear feedback. This can lead to misunderstandings and slow down the process of making necessary improvements.

  2. Delayed responses: When feedback isn't promptly addressed, it can cause bottlenecks and delay project timelines. Teams need a way to ensure that feedback is quickly and efficiently handled.

  3. Lack of tacking: Without a proper system to track feedback, important suggestions can get lost or overlooked. This can result in repeated issues and a decrease in documentation quality over time.

How Page Feedback for Confluence helps:

  1. Clear and structured feedback collection everywhere: Page Feedback for Confluence provides a structured format for users to leave feedback directly on Confluence pages. Users can interact with the byline item on top of pages -non intrusive method and available on pages- or by adding Page Feedback macro to pages, ensuring that readers have plenty of opportunities to provide their suggestions. This reduces the chances of miscommunication and helps teams address issues more effectively. Page feedback supports, page, blogposts and even JSM Articles.
    Image 3.png

  2. Real-time integration and updates: This app sends real-time events whenever new feedback is received via webhook to Jira as actionable issues or any destination you need. This ensures that team members are always aware of the latest suggestions and can respond promptly, reducing delays and improving workflow efficiency.

  3. Comprehensive 'insightful' feedback dashboard: With our intuitive dashboard, teams can easily manage and prioritise feedback. The feedback dashboard provides a centralised view of all suggestions, making it simple for content moderators and authors to focus on pages and content that needs the most attention via Sentiment, Score and Insights This ensures that no suggestion is overlooked and that improvements are made continuously.

    Image 1.png

  4. Seamless integration with Confluence: Page Feedback for Confluence seamlessly integrates with your existing Confluence setup. There's no need for additional tools or complicated setup processes. Users can start providing and managing feedback immediately, leveraging the full capabilities of Confluence's collaborative environment.


  • Improved collaboration: By making feedback collection and management more efficient, our tool enhances collaboration within teams. Everyone can stay on the same page and work together more effectively.

  • Faster updates: Real-time actionable events and clear feedback help teams address issues quickly, resulting in faster updates to documentation.

  • Better documentation quality: With a reliable feedback system in place, the quality of your documentation will continually improve, making it more useful and reliable for users.

In summary, Page Feedback for Confluence is designed to solve the common pain points associated with documentation feedback. By providing clear and structured feedback collection, real-time integration, comprehensive dashboard, and sentiments & insights, our tool helps teams collaborate better, respond faster, and maintain high-quality documentation.

Ready to experience the benefits for yourself? Start your free trial of Page Feedback for Confluence today!

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May 27, 2024

Hi @Aidin Mahmoodi _ServiceRocket_ , thank you for sharing this information. Partner guidelines ask Partners to not feature your own articles. Thank you for observing this moving forward. 👍

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