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High-performing sales department

A large majority of companies have CRM and Jira tools separately. That situation may hurt sales or even be a cause of losing clients because of unclear tasks or bad coordination.


In this article we won't suggest you integrate your CRM into Jira, but if you wish we also have a special app for that too (we will tell you more about this way in the future). Today we want to give you an alternative way to solve the issue – to keep your clients and products database right in your Jira using our new app Catalog for Jira Cloud.


Screenshot 2020-11-09 at 15.37.31 (1).png

Catalog can be considerate as a database in Jira. You can keep any type of information you need for your work and then connect it with issues.
You can find more information about Catalog by the link.


Screenshot 2021-01-12 at 11.49.26 (3).png

Create directories for customers, salespeople, and products in Catalog and link them with issues.
And this is only a part of what Catalog can do.
We prepared some use cases to show how Catalog can help your sales processes.

Use case #1

The success depends on many factors such as good analytics and flexibility.
Sometimes you may want to check on your sales strategy. In this case, you’re looking for the list of sales with particular clients to learn which offers were the most winning. The quickest and easiest way to do it is to make a report.

Use a filter to see the offer for all the sales that were won:
Client – Client’s name
Status - win
Period – from 01/09/2020

Also, you may want to check the offers that were not so good:
Client – Client’s name
Status - refuse
Period – from 01/09/2020

To see the full picture, you can expand the field of your analysis by checking out, for example, if there any correlation between national holidays and the possible success of a deal with particular clients. You can check any idea that comes up to your head fast and easy.

Use case #2

It’s a huge mistake to forget about a client.
Using Catalog for Jira Cloud you can track within 30 seconds whether all your clients have their own agent. Just sort your clients by agent and those who didn't have one would be on the top.

Use case #3

Check if your sales team achieves the leads plan for this month:
Directory – Clients
Department - Sales
Period – from 01/09/2020

Use case #4

Another key point to success in sales is people. If you have good management in sales team you have the top sales. We highly recommend you to have a directory in Catalog with the list of your sales people that includes their KPI, qualification, and skills. It may help you when it's time to give feedback to your agents. 
Those of them who are lack of sales skills and knowledge should be trained and motivated to improve. The top sales agents should be praised and respected.
You can do both by calling a meeting where the top agents could share their experience and knowledge with those who were lack of competence so they could learn.
Sort all of your agents by KPI and filter by period. To find those agents who are not good at sales use reverse sorting.

 👉 Check how Catalog for Jira Cloud may increase your sales department effectiveness using the 30-day trial version. 



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