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Export excel format in EPIC level

Alexander Fransson December 11, 2019


I need a better way to export to excel for every month invoicing to customer and find this to  be a difficult task! 

We work with sprints and atm not using releases and versions (Will be the future) and I need  to be able to export primarily  in EPIC level - "How much time did this epic take", "What issues/Bugs was  included in the epic". 

I would like to be able to export in EXCEL format and I am putting a few hours every month in to this - so if I need a 3rd party addon I be happy to would consider! (Since I already put a few hours in to it already)

Or if there is a way in Jira to do so already that I just miss? This should be able (Maybe some crafty JQL filtering?) 

I have a few demands that I list under this - the *  mark are a must - rest is nice to have! (This is what is needed in my excel export)

  • Filter option for date (every month, daily, full year) *
  • Issue number Key) *
  •  Issue type *
  • Summary
  • Assignee
  • Reporter
  • Status (In progress, to do and so on)
  • Sprint issues (What was in each sprint) *
  • Time spent in sprint. 
  • Created (date)
  • Updated (Date)
  • Epic key 
  • Epic name *
  • Epic estimate (Hours, days, week) (original) *
  • Epic worked (hours, days, week) *


Thanks in advance!


/ Alex 

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Anton Skorniakov
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
May 24, 2020

@Alexander Fransson hi!

You can use the Clerk Invoices addon for generating invoices from Jira time.

You can filter invoice time by:

  • Dates range
  • Epic (using JQL in Saved Jira Filters)
  • By user, project, version, component etc
  • Actually you can filter time by any issue field even custom one using JQL in Saved Jira Filters

I'm the author of this addon. Let me know if that helps you or if you have any questions!


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