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Do Not Lose your Customer’s Trust


Missing deadlines is one of the biggest problems every team lead wants to avoid when dealing with managed services. When the customer contracts your company to help with IT services it is expected that the executed hours do not exceed the contracted ones. Internally, you also should have ways to monitor the progress of a service contract and be aware of its limits.

When you do not have a tool to help on that, you may face the risk of invoicing your customer with values that are higher than expected.

Imagine you are executing support services and your customer contracted a package of 40 hours/month. During the execution of services the customer demanded 20 additional hours and nobody was monitoring it so by the end of the month the amount of hours executed was 60. Of course you had costs to execute that services and expect to be paid for that. On the other hand your customer will not like to receive an invoice higher than expected…

This is the kind of scenario we usually call as “trust breaker”. If this happens once, then your customer may not trust you anymore and may select other company to to work with.

Working as Atlassian consultants for years we noticed this happening many times with different companies. When using Jira to control managed services you need to do a lot of manual work to avoid the issues mentioned above. Not rarely this control requires a lot of different tools and apps (yes, MS Excel is included here again…) to help team leads and managers to track the contract limits and make the customers aware of it.

ContractsPro was developed with these scenarios in mind. The idea was to provide a solution where you can add your contracts, specify accounts and teams to work on each task and monitor the progress of the services in advance:




The system shows the contract list on its main screen so you can have a picture of all contracts by status:




The Delivery Report also provides additional information about the progress, planned x executed hours and how the work is distributed among teams. This helps you to understand the consumption of services, check how contracts behave across the time and allows to better predict how it is going to be in the upcoming months.




Having this level of information in your hands can save the relationship with your customers and increase your team’s productivity as well since you can drive the right people to the right activities, avoiding wasting resources with non-billable time.


Click here to try ContractsPro Server for FREE now!


It looks good and there are more good news coming. We are working on the new ContractsPro Enterprise version for Cloud. This new version will add many new functionalities in the future. One of them is the Custom Notification Rules.

You will be able to create different types of notifications to your contracts. If you want to be notified or notify customers whenever a contract is about to reach its limits, you just need to define rules to handle this in your contracts globally or individually.

You can get more Information about the new ContractsPro Enterprise here.

Check other articles like this by using the #contractspro hashtag or visiting our blog.

If you like ContractsPro and are interested in being part of the early access group and testing our initial Cloud beta version, send a message to


Stay tuned! We never Stop!

The Future is Brilliant!






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