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Create insights and ideas from external sources in Jira Product Discovery

Do you use the Jira Product Discovery project? How many insights do you create per day/month? And are you satisfied with the quality of the ideas you create and describe?

Your insights should be as informative as possible. An idea can be incredibly excellent and valuable, but if you present it in Product Discovery in a dry and unclear way, will it be of any value?

Let's consider how to create insights and what apps will help you.

giphy (12).gif

How to create valuable insights and ideas

Remember that good insights are based on reliable data and a deep understanding of your users. Emphasize the importance of empathy and user-centered thinking throughout the product discovery journey.

  1. Define Goals and Objectives. Clearly understand the problem you're trying to solve and the goals you want to achieve with your product. This will provide direction to your idea generation process.
  2. Conduct User Research. Gather insights from your target users through surveys, interviews, or usability testing. Understand their pain points, needs, and behaviors to identify opportunities for improvement.
  3. Collaborative Brainstorming. Involve your product team, stakeholders, and customers in brainstorming sessions. Encourage creativity and open-mindedness during these sessions.
  4. Use Diverse Idea Generation Techniques. Employ various ideation methods like mind mapping, storyboarding, "Crazy 8s," or "Six Thinking Hats" to explore different perspectives and generate various ideas.
  5. Create User Personas and User Stories. Develop detailed user personas and user stories that represent your target audience and highlight their needs. This will help keep the focus on user-centric ideas.
  6. Iterate and Refine. Continuously iterate on your ideas based on user feedback and team discussions. Be open to pivoting if necessary to find the best solutions.
  7. Involve Stakeholders. Keep stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the discovery process. Their input and support are crucial to the success of your product.
  8. Embrace Experimentation. Encourage a culture of experimentation and learning from failures. Not all ideas will succeed, but each one can provide valuable insights.
  9. Regularly Review and Assess. Periodically review the progress of your ideas and assess their impact on the product. This will help you make data-driven decisions for future iterations.
  10. Visualize insights and ideas. What are your ideas if they are just words? If you find something interesting, visualize it. Take screenshots and annotate them. Show operations with elements on web pages. This is possible with the Issue Creator for Jira Cloud Chrome extension.

Visualizing ideas from external sources in Jira Product Discovery

So, let's pretend that we are in the process of rewriting and modeling some situations in which the Issue Creator extension will be a valuable assistant for you.

🎨 You're in the process of designing a new website or app and can't decide on product color. Responsible team members conduct a retreat and add the idea to the board. You visit another site and find something you like. You open Issue Creator, add annotations, capture a screenshot, and immediately send it to the idea. Two clicks, and you're done. And there's no need to use third-party resources for screenshots. You can start working on the idea right away!


🔗 Next, you researched your competitors. Imagine that you are on the way to generating ideas and that what you have come up with already exists! Hmm... But you can do better. So, we select competitive solutions and research them. And what will tell you the best about the product? Of course, user reviews. So you've found a particular review that is very interesting to you. But there are a lot of them on the page. So, to keep your team members from getting confused by the multitude of reviews, you open Issue Creator and link the visual element with the review to the idea.

The URL of the page where it's located will automatically be added to the idea when it's created.


👨‍💻 Congratulations, you already have the first mockup of your website! But, there are many buts. You don't like the way the web developers have arranged everything. And you want to put some changes to the team for a vote. You need to move some elements. It would take a long time to explain this with screenshots and comments. And it's not a fact that everything will be clear. So let's open Issue Creator. Choose the Page Editor functionality and start creating!


The view of the page BEFORE the changes:


The page AFTER manipulation using the app for creating visual feedback as a Jira issue:


Next, you fill out the idea creation form:


Yes, with Issue Creator for Jira Cloud you can use magic outside of Hogwarts😉

If you can simplify your life and optimize your work with Jira Product Discovery, why not? You have at least 30 days of trial to enjoy the full range of functionality of the Issue Creator extension.

Good luck and brilliant ideas💡



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