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Confluence Templates and Blueprints To Streamline Development Processes

To effectively use Atlassian Confluence for collaborative team projects, teams have to create or find the best confluence page templates or blueprints that match their requirements.

Here are tips you should consider when selecting a Confluence template/blueprint:

  • Analyze your content needs: Know what you're trying to achieve, and have a rough idea of what the final result should look like. Understand your team's requirements and define the types of content and spaces needed to support your workflows effectively.

  • Be ready to customize: The needs of a sales team would be different from the needs of a quality & compliance team. Tailor templates and blueprints to suit your specific needs. Modify page layouts, sections, and placeholders to capture the right information efficiently.

  • Encourage adoption and training: Provide training and resources to help your team members understand how to utilize templates and blueprints effectively. Emphasize the benefits of using predefined structures to encourage widespread adoption.

  • Regularly review and refine: Continuously assess the effectiveness of your content structure. Solicit feedback from users and make adjustments as needed to improve navigation and usability.

  • Extra Tip; Ensure that every team has their own confluence space, where they can import their templates to. This would help with maintaining an organised workspace.

At Move Work Forward, we have created quite a number of Confluence blueprints for different purposes. We would like to share these two and hope they help with your processes as they have helped with ours. Find Templates in this blog post.

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pelumi_moveworkforward July 4, 2023

Awesome templates. Thank you for sharing!

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