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Closing the feedback loop with Jira Service Management

Wilmer Medina May 27, 2024

Let’s think of this scenario:

You are running a Service Desk that manages to close lots of tickets monthly. You’re keeping a controlled request backlog and it seems that everything’s going great. Right?

Well, not quite. You might be missing an important step.

In the dynamic field of IT service management, customer feedback is an invaluable asset. It provides insights into user experiences and highlights areas for improvement. However, the real value of feedback is unlocked when it guides data-driven decisions—this is where closing the feedback loop becomes crucial.

What does “closing the feedback loop” mean?

It means getting feedback from customers after a service has been provided and taking actionable steps based on that. Usually, it looks like this:

Negative Reviews: Getting a bad review means analyzing the root cause, and taking action to prevent it from happening again.

Positive Reviews: Reinforce successful practices, and help you keep a continuous improvement process, to improve service quality. 

But what options do we have when using Jira Service Management as our weapon of choice to run a Service Desk?

This is JSM OBB's solution to gather basic customer feedback. Using a 5-star scale and a textbox for comments, users can leave feedback directly from the user portal. It also provides default and custom reports, based on this data.


However, some customers find this solution extremely basic. This brings us to start exploring add-ons:

Surveys for Jira allows the creation of multiple surveys with multiple question types. These multiple surveys can follow their own trigger condition. Only a 5-star scale is supported, and feedback can be analyzed through a basic report section with a list of filled surveys.

Survey Feedback.png 

This add-on embeds a CSat question into the Jira issue and provides the option to trigger further questions based on customer feedback. This add-on also creates custom fields that make feedback data reachable with JQL and has a report section with feedback and engagement metrics. It only supports one question (CSat), and to measure other metrics (like NPS) you’ll need to purchase a different add-on.


Surveys for Jira Service Management allows different feedback metrics (like NPS, CSat, CES) through the same survey. Requests can be triggered using a built-in automation based on status transitions, or by using Jira automation for complex conditions (based on JQL). Both surveys and email notifications are customizable.

Group 7.png

Following up

Customers who have spent time filling out your surveys might be willing to talk to your team. This is a great opportunity to understand in-depth underlying problems or the things they value about your service. 

By closing the feedback loop, IT service desks not only enhance their service quality but also build a culture of continuous improvement and customer-centricity. 



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