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Bring user directory information from Okta inside Jira issues



Do your support teams struggle to organize requests in efficient queues due to lack of reliable data in incoming tickets? Do they sometimes lack context information about the reporter of requests? Do they spend an awful lot of time looking up missing information in external systems?

These constant back and forths between systems significantly slow down companies' operations and ultimately damage customer satisfaction and employees' well being.

How about bringing all the necessary information about who made the request inside the request itself? No switching systems anymore for your support agents, everything is available from the ticket, allowing them to focus on what’s really important: processing requests.

Elements Connect recently added the ability to display context information about the Reporter.

Let’s take a look at how it works!





Our company, Tellurian, uses Okta as user directory. Each user record holds a number of important information about employees such as:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Job title

  • E-mail address

  • Phone number

  • Office location

  • Employee number

  • Organization name

  • Department

  • Etc.


We have a small IT department comprised of 7 support agents which processes around 170 requests a day. The pace is fast and efficiency is key to finish the day on an empty backlog.

To optimize our support team’s efficiency, we brought additional information about the request reporter from Okta using Elements Connect.

Every time a request is created, a read-only connected field gets calculated and displays the following information about the reporter:


The Support agent has the required information about the Reporter to process the request and contact them for more information if necessary.

This connected field was simply configured using the $reporter.emailAddress variable in the REST endpoint. In this example, we used Okta as datasource, below is a sneak peek at the field configuration:


If you would like to find out more about this use case and how to implement it, you can check out this step-by-step tutorial.


New to Elements Connect?

If this tutorial has stirred your imagination, why not give it a try?

Try Elements Connect



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Jimi Wikman
Rising Star
Rising Star
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September 27, 2022

An interesting feature indeed!

May I ask how the information is managed in terms of storage? Is it presented on the fly with just a target reference in Jira's database or do you import the date into Jira's database?

The reason I ask is because of GDPR and if it is imported into the database it could cause some issues since Jira would not have a way to mask the user information as it do with Jira accounts?

Also, is there some way to restrict access to this information in the Jira ticket somehow? Perhaps based on role or individual basis?

I think this looks awesome for many use cases and I might reach out later for a little demo so I can write about it on my websites...and of course tell my clients about it :)

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Juliette Lallement _Elements Apps_
Marketplace Partner
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September 28, 2022

@Jimi Wikman 

I'm glad you find the feature useful!

Elements Connect does not use Jira's database, it has its own storage sitting outside of Jira, where data is encrypted at rest and in transit. You can find out more information about that in our Security Self-Assessment here.

Note: Elements Connect is a Cloud Security Participant, and has the Cloud Fortified badge.

There's currently no way to restrict access to the reporter information, it'll be only visible to people who have Service Project agent permissions. Access control is entirely delegated to Jira, but I would assume that one can trust their service agents to keep customer's personal information private.

Happy to give you a demo if you'd like! Here is a link to my calendar.

Best regards

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