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Boost Efficiency: Set Jira SLAs for Multiple Projects Simultaneously in Jira

Managing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) across numerous projects can be daunting and consume valuable time and resources. However, the new Multi-Project feature for the SLA Time and Report for Jira application is set to transform this process. This innovative feature allows administrators to simultaneously configure Jira SLAs for multiple projects, streamlining operations and boosting productivity. Let's delve into this groundbreaking addition's key benefits and use cases.

  • Efficiently manage multiple projects: Previously, setting SLAs for each project would have taken a lot of time and resources. With the Multi-Project feature, administrators don't have to set SLAs for each project separately. Instead, they can select multiple projects simultaneously and configure SLAs quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduced administrative overhead: Previously, administrators had to create and manage dozens or even hundreds of SLA configurations for each project. Now, the multi-project feature dramatically simplifies this process, allowing you to reduce your administrative burden and focus on more critical tasks.
  • Save time and effort scaling: For organizations with many projects, setting up SLAs for each project can be a real challenge. With Multi-Projects, administrators can quickly scale their processes without significantly increasing the time and effort required to set up SLAs.
  • Increase Productivity and Accuracy: Applying the same Jira SLAs to multiple projects allows for greater unification and standardization of team efforts. This increases productivity and provides more accurate and consistent response times and task completion analysis.


Practical Use Case

Imagine a software development company with over 200 projects running simultaneously. Each project has its own team of developers, testers, and managers, and each project needs to set SLAs to track and manage response time to user requests, problem resolution, and task completion.

Previously, administrators had to set SLAs for each project individually. This required a lot of time and resources, and mistakes could be made when setting up Jira SLAs for many projects.

With the Multi-Project feature, the administrator can quickly and efficiently set the same SLAs for multiple projects simultaneously. For example, an administrator can select projects with similar response time requirements and set SLAs for them simultaneously.

This allows the organization to efficiently manage many projects and ensure time management and response process standardization. In addition, this feature saves administrators the time and effort of setting SLAs for each project individually.

As a result, the Multi-Project feature enables an organization to effectively manage its projects and ensure that SLAs are met in accordance with customer requirements and expectations.


How to use Multi-Projects for the same SLA

First, you need to go to the SLA configurations:



Next, in the SLA goal type, select a Time limit based on Multiple project:



Great, now we can select multiple projects for SLA:



In conclusion, organizations can ensure timely responses and task completion by applying consistent SLAs, improving productivity and accuracy. We also remind you that we have a 30-day free trial, and we are completely free if you have up to 10 users.



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