Best Techniques for Effective Jira Capacity Management with ActivityTimeline

Efficient project management is paramount for organizations striving to stay competitive. While Jira offers many features to enhance collaboration and project tracking, it's imperative to delve into the realm of effective Jira capacity management to ensure that your projects stay on course and your teams remain productive.

Importance of Capacity Management in Jira

Jira resource capacity planning involves the precise evaluation and distribution of resources aimed at enhancing project planning and execution. This process entails assessing the availability of team members, their skill sets, and the project scope to maintain project equilibrium and meet project deadlines effectively.

Efficient capacity management is crucial for several reasons. A Good Project manager knows, that it helps to prevent overloading or underloading team members, ensures a realistic project timeline, and minimizes potential bottlenecks, which can lead to project delays.

How to Facilitate Jira Resource Capacity Planning Process?

If you want to advance your resource capacity planning in Jira, here are some steps to help you:

1. Establish Clear Goals

Start with clarifying your objectives. What are your intentions about the resource capacity planning process in Jira? Is your aim to refine resource allocation, boost project efficiency, or improve insight into your team's workload?

2. Plan and Balance Workloads

Evaluate the potential workload each team member can handle within a specified period. Don't forget, that maintaining an equitable distribution of work among team members to prevent both overburdening and underutilization.

Jira offers various tools in the Atlassian Marketplace to assist teams in planning sprints and distributing work accordingly.

3. Allocate Resources Properly

Allocate tasks and assignments to team members according to their skill sets, availability, and capabilities. Jira allows you to assign issues to specific team members and set due dates to manage workload distribution.

4. Use Capacity Reports

Generating reports and Jira dashboards to gain insights into resource utilization, workload distribution, and project progress. Jira offers customizable reporting options to track capacity and project health.


5. Integrate with Other Tools

Jira provides numerous integrations that can help users with Jira capacity planning, resource management & planning, time tracking, and other challenges.

For example, ActivityTimeline is a resource planning and tracking tool for Jira that facilitates users with all of the aforementioned activities, as well as helps to save time and advance your capacity planning.

Resource Planning with ActivityTimeline

ActivityTimeline is a Jira add-on that aids in resource management and Jira capacity planning by providing a visual representation of tasks, activities, and resource assignments on a scalable dashboard. 


You can find Jira projects with issues, team, and user timelines with the ongoing tasks. The app is fully synchronized with Jira so all the data is up to date. You can schedule existing Jira tasks directly on the dashboard or create new ones from the app.

Real-Time Resource Tracking

With ActivityTimeline, you can track resource utilization in real time. This means you can quickly identify bottlenecks and make adjustments as needed to keep the project on track.

Each user has a unique workload indicator, displaying the workload of team members for a selected timeframe, to prevent instances of insufficient or excessive work allocation.


Resource Allocation

One of the primary aspects of capacity management is allocating the right resources to the right tasks. With ActivityTimeline you can assign team members to specific issues or projects, ensuring that everyone has a clear understanding of their responsibilities.

You can even assign a task to the whole team as the app provides a special Team Panel with team timelines which is extremely useful for long-term planning or when you need to assign a big scope of work to the team:


Time Tracking Capabilities

Users have the convenience of logging time on Jira issues directly from the application's planning dashboard. This process is very quick and simple, eliminating the need for manual entry in Excel or external timesheet documents, and saving users valuable time.


By the way, ActivityTimeline supports billable and non-billable hours tracking. All logged hours are saved and can be used to generate Timesheets inside the app.

Holiday planning is also included. Manage sick leaves, vacations, days off, etc.


All these events will be counted as non-working days during the timesheet creation.

Monitor Teams with Reports

ActivityTimeline offers a wide array of Resource Reports and Timesheets.

Timesheet Reports in Activity Timeline

Select from a variety of customizable Timesheet templates based on your preferences. Simply pick the desired parameters and craft your own customized timesheets with ease to understand how many hours users spend on tasks.


Team Utilization Report

The app offers dozens of useful reports:


One of the most popular reports is a Resource Utilization Report which helps to see the teams' and users' workload and their remaining capacity at a glance:


Resource Utilization in Charts

For better visualization, users can also try ActivityTimeline Charts:


The Team Capacity Chart serves as a potent visual aid crafted to assist managers and team leaders in comprehending their teams' workload and availability within a defined timeframe. It offers a succinct and transparent representation of how a team's available capacity is distributed and employed, facilitating improved project planning and management for teams.


The Team Utilization Pie Chart is designed to offer a holistic perspective on the allocation of a team's time across different projects. Featuring the capability to display historical and future data, this chart aids managers and teams in reviewing past allocations and planning for upcoming tasks with precision and efficiency.



To sum up, Jira capacity planning is an important component of efficient project management. By leveraging the capabilities of Jira and its add-ons and following best practices, you can optimize your team's performance and ensure the successful completion of projects. Remember, effective capacity planning in Jira leads to enhanced productivity, better resource allocation, and ultimately, project success.

Check out our Blog to get more useful resource planning tips.



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