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BPM in Jira: Save money with effective Business Process Management

What if we tell you that you can save a significant amount of time and money by simple process management? Triaster consultant company has found that one of their clients saved over £300,000 a year by optimizing one frequently performed operation. That’s only one example. But isn’t it worth a try? If you are unsure whether your employees spend their time and efforts in the most efficient way, think about business process management (BPM). Here you will read about the automated solution to free your employees’ hands and reduce recurring tasks in Jira.

Why BPM matters?

When you’re ordering pizza, you wouldn’t like to get it without the sauce. When you’re flying in a plane, you want to be sure a pilot follows all instructions. Every step matters. Every small process matters. That's why you need business process management. It answers the questions: what, when, why, by whom, and how is done. 

Business process management allows you to:

  • Reduce time on repetitive tasks
  • Ensure no essential process is skipped
  • Improve in-team communication 
  • Monitor the progress 
  • Save money with process refinement

Using BPM techniques, you may estimate the cost and value of your business procedures by figuring out how frequently tasks are done and how long it takes to complete a process. Now, it’s time to find a solution. 

How to organize BPM in Jira?

You use Jira as your project management tool. You probably have sophisticated accounting software to keep track of payments. Most likely, you spent some money on good CRM. And how about setting and tracking your process management?

If you want to get a special-designed solution to automate your business operations, check out Business Process Manager (BPM) for Jira.

You can use Business Process Manager to refine process management in any department. For example, an onboarding/offboarding for HR, financial approvals for the finance dep, email campaign for marketing, sprint planning for devs. It can be any process that is repeated and have some sequence of steps. 

How BPM for Jira helps?

Let’s take each point we’ve mentioned in the first section and relate it to the functionality you will get with Business Process Manager

  • Reducing time on repetitive tasks

There are different options to choose from when you start working with BPM: create the template for some process from scratch, use the existing template or edit it according to your needs. 

You can schedule ready-to-use templates and they will start automatically. You just need to specify the date or recurrence, assignees, approvers, and others once.

Image 1 (1).png


  • Ensure no essential process is skipped

You can add a blocker on any stage of the process and stop it. No action after that can be done until previous tasks aren’t completed. That can be a single blocker or a series of them, or you can set it for every step and be sure no required action is missing.


You can set Approver Step to be sure your manager/response person has checked the task/process.



  • Improve in-team communication 

Assign a task to one or several users who are responsible for each step completion. Also, use Approver Step when you want to get Reject/Approve action from the specific person. You don’t need to ask and remind someone to accept your work, it will be done in minutes with the assigned Jira issues.

Share the process start URL with any team member, so he/she can start any template remotely.


  • Monitor the progress 


Real-time monitoring allows you to get quick insights on every process. Is the process started, active or completed? Are the due dates followed? There is a progress bar to review process scopes. Each step is a corresponding Jira task that you can track in the Process tab.



  • Save money with process refinement 


You will see all the tasks for a separate process immediately in the process template. Everyone from the team who has access to the template can edit it, so there is no need to spend money on an additional expert, which will support the process. Also, the approval saves costs because it does not waste your managers’ time. 

It is a good idea to combine BPM with Jira automation. Create a process with BPM and set rules with automation to start the process at the right time based on triggers from Jira.

Each of the previous points will help you to evaluate the effectiveness of your business process management. As a result, you will get a helicopter view of each process and refine it accordingly.


No matter how little the procedure, it deserves a well-designed system. Each detail in your business deserves to be cared about. BPM for Jira Cloud is developed to take away unnecessary worries while ensuring everything is under control. 

If you’re interested in more tips, check out the following materials:




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