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Automated User Management & License Optimization with miniOrange

Effective user management and license optimization are paramount for organizations utilizing platforms like Atlassian Jira and Confluence. As user bases fluctuate, maintaining accounts, permissions, and licenses can pose significant challenges

To help administrators overcome these challenges, miniOrange has introduced an automated user management and license optimization solution called the miniOrange Bulk User Management App. It is designed to streamline user management and license optimization processes,  saving both time and resources for organizations while ensuring cost efficiency.

Streamlining Bulk User Operations & Optimizing License Utilization

The miniOrange Bulk User Management App offers features tailored to simplify user account management within Atlassian's ecosystem. Administrators can execute bulk operations including activation, deactivation, deletion, and creation of users across Jira, Confluence, Crowd, and other integrated applications. This functionality drastically reduces the manual work needed for managing extensive user bases, enabling administrators to optimize their efforts and time effectively.

Unlike traditional methods where individual user actions are required in Jira, such as selecting users one by one for deactivation or group assignment, our app empowers administrators to select multiple users in bulk and execute desired actions simultaneously, enhancing operational efficiency.

Moreover, our app provides the capability to schedule user deactivations based on their last login time. This allows administrators to tailor scheduler frequency and timing to suit their preferences. The feature further improves user management efficiency, allowing for proactive maintenance of user accounts.

The app’s import and export CSV functionality streamlines user creation and group assignments. It also simplifies the process of migration from one hosting platform to another by facilitating the export of all user details, ensuring a seamless transition with minimal disruptions.

One of the primary advantages of the miniOrange Bulk User Management App is its ability to optimize license usage within Atlassian's suite of products, including Jira, Confluence, Crowd, and others. It helps organizations identify inactive users and deactivate their accounts, allowing them to reclaim unused licenses and redistribute them to new users or existing team members. This proactive approach to license management minimizes unnecessary expenditures and mitigates the risk of license misuse.

In essence, the Bulk User Management App by miniOrange empowers organizations to efficiently manage user accounts and optimize license usage within Atlassian's ecosystem, fostering productivity, cost-effectiveness, and compliance across the board. 

If you’re interested in experiencing these benefits firsthand, reach out to us at to schedule a demo of the miniOrange Bulk User Management App for both Atlassian Data Center and Cloud. Unlock the full potential of automated user management and license optimization within your organization today!




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