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Automate Email Notifications for Jira External User Form Submissions

Do you ever find it challenging to manage communication with external users? Perhaps their requests seem lost in a sea of requests, leaving both you and your users feeling frustrated. But what if there were a solution to streamline this process and make communication smoother?jira2.gif

Smart Jira Forms and Jira Automation—the dynamic duo poised to revolutionize your interactions with external users. Imagine a world where external users can submit requests through clear, user-friendly forms that automatically generate pre-filled Jira issues with all the necessary details. In this world timely email notifications keep everyone informed and engaged, eliminating the uncertainty often associated with external communication. 

Let's explore how these tools work together to alleviate your biggest external user challenges:

Before you begin, ensure you have the following toolsready:

  • Access to Smart Jira Forms add-on.
  • Access to Jira project settings for setting up Jira Automation.

Integration Steps:

1. Creating a Custom Field for External User Email:

  • Navigate to Settings > Issues > Fields > Custom Fields.
  • Create a custom field (or utilize an existing one) with the type "Text Field (single line)" to capture the email address provided by the user in the form.db1a6fe6-4e8f-4675-8e31-b22040950d46.png

2. Creating a Form in Smart Jira Form Add-on:

  • Open the Smart Jira Form add-on and create a new form.
  • In the Settings tab, select "Create Issue" and connect the previously created custom field(s) with the corresponding form elements.
  • Configure other issue fields based on your requirements.73bb626f-adf0-4a41-ac05-0c0678c8844d.png

3. Creating a Jira Automation Rule in 3 Blocks:

  • When: Issue is Created
    • Set the trigger for when an issue is created.42ca6ace-61e4-47b5-a0b9-bd14ad4ac212.png
  • IF: Issue Matches JQL
    • Define conditions using JQL.0723701b-db8f-4067-88d4-7b296ced1c3b.png
  • Then: Send an Email
    • Utilize the custom field ID containing the user's email address in the "To" field.
    • Use the structure {{issue.customfield_10255}} to extract the email value from the custom field. Replace 10255 with the ID of your custom field.82a4d43a-910c-41c2-adf6-b410abe0de81.png


  • Capture every request efficiently through flexible, customizable forms that seamlessly integrate with various platforms like your website or Confluence, or can be shared directly with users. Ensure clear communication from the outset without the risk of requests getting lost.
  • Eliminate manual data entry and the potential for errors by leveraging Smart Jira Forms. Pre-populate issue fields with data directly from forms, saving time and ensuring accuracy.
  • Keep everyone informed and engaged with automated email notifications triggered upon form submission. Users receive confirmation that their request is received, providing clarity and context for swift resolution.
  • Optimize workflows and save time by automating issue creation and communication processes with Smart Jira Forms and Jira Automation. This allows you to focus on strategic tasks and foster stronger user relationships.
  • Realize tangible benefits such as reduced support tickets, improved customer satisfaction, increased efficiency, and enhanced data accuracy. Streamlined interactions lead to better experiences, positive feedback, and optimized resource allocation.bc0b2b97-d7bd-414f-bff4-d21605b0c300.png


Remember, a smooth-running communication system benefits everyone involved, so embark on this journey towards a more efficient and user-friendly interaction With Smart Jira Forms and Jira Automation, you'll not only save time, but also foster stronger relationships with your external users



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