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An Introduction to QARAJ for Test Management

JIRA by Atlassian is the most popular platform used the world over for issue tracking, bug tracking and project management. It is a tool that is widely popular with teams who have embraced the Agile methodology and as more and more organizations go Agile, you have thousands of teams becoming a part of the ever growing JIRA community every day.

Interestingly, JIRA is increasingly being used by teams all over the world for not just issue and project tracking alone, but also for test case management, even though JIRA was never designed for test management in the first place! The multiple benefits offered by JIRA make it the preferred tool for teams who look for ways to maximize its test management capabilities. Add-ons designed for the integration of Jira with test management platforms are a solution to this end.

QARAJ Test Management App for Jira

QARAJ (QARA – Test Management for JIRA) is an add-on that can be used with JIRA to add to its test management capabilities. It is a cloud-based add-on that brings in the functionalities of test case management into the JIRA Interface. It facilitates simultaneous execution of test sets and is designed to support test execution and sub-test execution issue types. It offers a detailed test plan that makes test case execution easy. It offers test environments, test case reporter, test repository, and test plan board.

The add-on extends Jira's REST API, supports multiple reports and manages all entities. It can also be used with QARA Enterprise, a test automation platform developed by The Digital Group, to track projects and bugs on the same platform, without the need to switch to JIRA. The functionalities offered by QARAJ can be placed under 3 categories – Testing, Reports and Integrations.



The testing functionalities of the QARAJ add-on are listed below:

  • Introduce an issue type "Test Case" for creating test case
  • Organize test cases in folders
  • Plan and Assign test execution cycles
  • Keep track of Execution History



With the Reports functionality, QARAJ allows full visibility into the test projects and team productivity. This in turn helps in standardizing the best practice procedures. The different types of reports generated by the add-on are as follows:

  • Test Metrics
  • Test Metrics -Tabular
  • Defect Metrics
  • Test Summary
  • Traceability



The integration offered by QARAJ :

  • QARA Enterprise: QARA is an integrated platform that supports declarative, no-scripting, no-coding functional test automation design, management, planning, and execution along with built-in reporting capabilities.

The QARAJ add-on is designed to help the user create and manage test cases, plan test cycles and create detailed test reports. It also summarizes the results of test cases creation & execution as well as defect details to help the user to track project progress.



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