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Advanced Test Management with QARAJ Test Management App for Jira

QARAJ (QARA – Test Management for JIRA) is a JIRA add-on that serves as a test management app for Jira and improves the software's test management features. QARAJ improves Jira's test management capabilities by allowing QA teams to easily access Jira from the QARA Enterprise Jira test management tool's UI. The QARAJ test management app for Jira can be downloaded through the Atlassian Marketplace. In this post, we'll look at how QA teams may link Jira to the QARA Enterprise test management app for Jira to handle requirements using the QARAJ add-on.

Instead of migrating to JIRA, it can be used with QARA Enterprise to monitor defects and bugs on the QARAJ platform, a test management app for Jira.


Given below are the key features of the QARAJ Add-On, a test Management app for Jira.


  • Introduce an issue type "Test Case" for creating test case
  • Organize test cases in folders
  • Plan and Assign test execution cycles
  • Keep track of Execution History


Generate test reports using QARAJ for full transparency into test programs, increased team productivity, aids in establishing best practices.

  • Project Summary Report
  • Test Summary Report
  • Velocity Report
  • Release Report
  • Traceability Report
  • Defect Metrics Report
  • Execution Reports


  • QARA Enterprise: QARA is an integrated platform that supports declarative, no-scripting, no-coding functional test automation design, management, planning, and execution along with built-in reporting capabilities that allow you to generate test reports.
  • Qapture: Qapture Extension is used to post annotated screen as attachment to a new Jira issue and also to post the screen as attachment for existing issue for a selected project.

You can use your JIRA credentials to log in to Qapture Extension. There are several alternatives for posting annotated screens as attachments on Qapture. 

Benefits of using QARAJ issue type in test management

QARA Enterprise provides your QA team with all of the tools they need to automate all of their tests. Download a Free Trial today to get started! The following is a list of common tasks that may be accomplished with QARAJ, a test management app for Jira with increased test management capabilities: 

  • QARAJ Test Case Creation: In QARAJ, we can develop new Test Cases as an 'issue type.'
  • Folder Creation & Test Case Assignment: Within a project, test cases can be organised into folders.
  • Test Cycle Creation: Test Cycles can be created and Test Cases can be assigned to them.
  • Test Case Execution: The test cases can be run to compare predicted and actual results/performance.
  • Execution History: We may see a history of test cases that have been completed and generate test reports.

As a result, testing artefacts are treated in the same manner like any other issue category (e.g. Bug, Story). This is a key feature of QARAJ, a test management app for Jira that takes advantage of native Jira features and applies them to your testing artefacts.

Here are some characteristics related with Jira issues that you can take advantage of for QARAJ issues as well.

  • Workflows              
  • Permissions                               
  • Agile / Scrum Boards              
  • Assignment & Accountability   
  • Linking                         
  • Work Logs             
  • Integration with QARA enterprise          
  • Search + JQL                       
  • Comments                 
  • REST API                  
  • Reports / Listings

So, that was about an introduction on test management with QARAJ addon and how you can organize test executions with ease with the add on. QARAJ even offers a simple and easy installation process. Have you had a chance to try QARAJ yet? Click here to get the QARAJ add-on on the Atlassian Marketplace.



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