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Adaptavist Library for ScriptRunner, cloud and server.

Hi guys. I'm Daniel Yelamos, one of the developers for the ScriptRunner for JIRA team at Adaptavist. I'm going to tell you a bit about our new project, the Adaptavist Library, what it does, and how it came to be. 

When I joined the ScriptRunner development team, back in April 2017, one of my early objectives was to learn what the product does by helping customers achieve their multiple use cases, which led me to work with the customer support team quite closely.

At Adaptavist, we believe it be the norm, and not the exception, to have excellent customer support. As many of us would say, offering good support is always hard, but rewarding work. After a few months, I found that lots of users were coming to the support team and the community for similar issues. The same, easily solved issues kept coming up again and again and I was referring users back to answers I had already given to other users. Things like; "How to get the issue keys of your linked Issue?""How to send a REST request?""How to create Epics or tasks?", and the list goes on. It was a bit too manual for my taste. I had to go to my profile, search for the right answer, make sure that was what the user wanted, and send it again. It was hard keeping the reference to the answer and how it could relate to future questions together. Also, if we had a good answer, or use case on an old question, we had no way of knowing if it still worked on the most recent ScriptRunner versions. Sometimes customers and even myself would get confused between cloud or server versions, as the type of script wasn't always very visible in the community question. 

The library was suggested by a few developers who also felt that the process was too manual.

“It would be awesome if we owned a domain in which we could keep all of these scripts together," we suggested.

That way, we would have a centralised place to refer customers back to and give them the capability of searching for scripts themselves.

"We could set up a testing framework to make sure that the scripts still work, and that way we can keep updating them if they changed at a later date while always referring to the same URL.”

It would be a good year and a half until I could work on the project.

After months of hard work, we finally had a suitable beta for the library, which you can access here:

This first release allows users to search for collections of similar scripts. One such collection is; "Getting started with JIRA Issues", which contains scripts to get you started, and covers the most common basic use cases.

You can also search for keywords, such as, "Behaviours""Link" or "Priority".

Once you've found the scripts you need, you can add them to your collection to keep track of them and make sure that they are relevant to your Jira and ScriptRunner version.

Hopefully, this post will boost the library's visibility within the awesome community, and more of you will be able to use it to find solutions. We're very open to your feedback and help us help you to improve your experience.

You can comment directly to give us feedback, or you can use the Submit feedback button in the Adaptavist Library. 

If you are interested in any more information about the Library, I recommend this post from one of my colleagues describing the library in more detail. 

Thanks for reading, and happy script searching!



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老朱 January 28, 2019

Great work!

Davin Studer
Rising Star
Rising Star
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February 14, 2019

I have looked at the library myself and it has some good script examples. It would be nice to see it expanded though. Sometimes I find what I want and other times when I search I can't find anything that matches what I'm trying to do. If you're not already doing this maybe it would be good to look at the searches people are making to see what script examples you could add to the library that are not there right now. Also is there a mechanism for accepting third-party contributions?

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Gezim Shehu [Communardo]
Community Leader
Community Leader
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February 15, 2019

Great initiative :)

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