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4 tips for agents how to manage customer context

Hi Guys! We often give presentations as Appsvio about outstanding customer support during events, and we combined our conclusions into 4 main tips on giving your agents a perfect environment to service a customer support experience that will benefit your team and clients.

1️⃣ Give your agents one tool for customer context management

How many tools do you use in the ticket resolution workflow? Service desk, CRM tool, Spreadsheets, Azure, emails – agents have to switch between different environments, docs, and tables to find what they need to give ticket done status. Give them one source of truth, where they can have all data about customers at their fingertips.

Like here 👇


2️⃣ Collect customer context in Jira – Service desk as a single point of contact 

Customers can get impatient when waiting for a resolution or info about their ticket. That's understandable. But on the other side, we have our agents with a full queue and lack of information to resolve tickets. They have to ask about the same things all over again, or maybe some of them write down customer data in their repositories, so they have to look for it. Let's stop it. Why not ask customers about all we need right away and ask them to provide that data? The self-service approach is a game changer.

Display additional fields on the Portal and allow customers to fill them. It is possible thanks to Customer and Organization Management app.Then, store it right away in Jira. Thanks to collecting attributes, agents can have all they need about the reporter right on the issue view. 


3️⃣ Create a transparent priorities system based on SLA 

Agents have deadlines meaning turning red SLA and queue full of urgent tickets. They often have difficulties with prioritizing tickets due to a lack of information about customers and organization, or simply they don’t know if this customer should be treated special. You can create a transparent system on how to prioritize requests that are based on the SLA. 



4️⃣ Allow agents to tailored customer context data as they need

Agents need one source of truth about customers; we already cover it. Now, let’s take a step further and allow them to manage data as they need. They know best how they will be most comfortable segmenting data. Maybe they prefer to segment them by the organization or by some other attribute that is currently important to the project.

We’ve launched a new feature called Saving views that allows agents to create many Customer / Organization forms views and save them. It’s like a saved filter you can return to at any time. 



With these 4 tips, you can make agents work more efficiently and less tediously. Eliminate bottlenecks in communications and data collecting. Replace many tools with one, and enjoy a structured workflow, fewer red queues, and agents with clear priorities. You can have it all with just one app. 🌟

We described all of it wider in the article here.

Do you have other tips for agents how to manage customer context? 




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