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☀️ Jira July: how to manage projects with Jira smoothly and fully integrated

Happy Jira July, everyone!

Since the launch of Jira Work Management, we have learned that Jira features are highly valuable for teams of all kinds. Even though every team has unique processes, Jira enables them to create workflows to match their work and manage projects smoothly. Business teams (like marketing, HR, finance, operations, design, legal, and sales) can access the power of Jira and collaborate with their technical counterparts much better. In other words: you may use Jira as the agile backbone for all teams.

Still, business teams work with different tools to different extents across departments. This oftentimes leads to fragmented information flows and makes it hard to communicate transparently. As Microsoft 365 is an established software suite which is widely spread in enterprises, we asked ourselves: How can we combine the strengths of Microsoft’s and Atlassian’s software worlds? How can we provide a deep integration between Microsoft 365 and Jira for teams to work smarter together? 

The aim was to establish one tool for all and to provide an integration that connects the strengths of Microsoft Teams, Outlook, To Do, and of course Jira. So, answering this question: Microsoft 365 for Jira is an app that enables this connection and provides Microsoft 365 integrations in Jira and Jira functionality in Microsoft 365 tools.  

Watch our demo to discover how to structure your daily workflows smarter with Microsoft 365 for Jira:  

On the same note: Here is a video of yasoon’s CEOs Andreas Schmidt and Tobias Viehweger. They are chatting about the strategic background of “Microsoft 365 for Jira“: YouTube

Going forward, we are still working on our roadmap to offer even more features for a full-scale integration between Microsoft 365 and Jira. 

I am happy to hear your feedback, keep on enjoying Jira July :-)



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G subramanyam
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
July 15, 2021

That's fantastic update and development @Britta Neugebauer _yasoon_ 

Our project is looking for MS-Teams -- Jira integration and seems it's not fully available or Microsoft have removed the plugin.

The link you posted is by Yasoon and we would like to have from Microsoft or Atlassian directly.

Eager to wait for more updates.

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